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Today we have more comments to share from the creators of Amber Breaker, releasing next Friday!

Hello Konnichiwa.
I’m Alamar Chinkokusai, the chairman of Hentai Industries.

The Jewel Star series will be coming to an end in April with Amber Breaker. And the upcoming Warrior Princess Asuka – Final Chapter, will also mark the end of the Warrior Princess Asuka series.

After those are all released, I am thinking of releasing a stand alone title, by different creators. However, I am unable to announce that title. The reason is that it’s pretty crazy, in a different way than the games released so far, and the Japanese PC game regulation board had to ask us to put it off the shelves.Therefore, we have to see if MangaGamer is willing to release this game in English for us.



Although we’ve released this title in the doujin market since they aren’t as strict, but because of what it is, a few sites declined to carry the game. This game features body modification and body fusion, as well as sex that revolves around those erotic and grotesque themes.

In Japan, “Hentai” means people who enjoys sex in an abnormal way, (although I argue that what’s sexually stimulating differs from person to person, so it’s rather pointless to categorize what’s normal), but the contents of this game is more like insanity than hentai.

Anyhow, if MangaGamer is willing to pick this game up, I can finally make an official announcement. If you would like to see this game, please let the folks at MangaGamer know that you want to see the most erotic, grotesque, sensational, and crazy hentai you’ve never seen before.



Changing topics, let me talk about the recent trend in Japanese H-games.
From the 1990s up till really recent, 98% of the H-games were novel games with some choices, but recently there is new trend. There are now more and more games with gameplay. (I know that sounded really weird, but there’s no other way to describe it)

If you purchase a full priced game costing 8800yen + tax, you get a long story that is equivalent to over 5 volumes of physical novels, but then there’s a question of whether or not people want to sit through that. Those who seek touching stories over the H-scenes are shifting towards reading Light Novels, which kind of feature H-game like situations without the sex. On top of that, a lot of these light novel authors used to write for H-games as well, so that adds to this movement.

That’s why it seems like there are more genres to H-games–people are expecting more than just the H-scenes and story. But personally, I’m someone who doesn’t care about anything other than hentai in H-games, and that’s how I started the Ruby Striker series almost 10 years ago.

Back then, people did look down on our games saying, “it ONLY has H-scenes,” but nowadays, it’s normal to see low-priced H-games focusing on just H-scenes. I still believe I made the right decision.

I’m guessing there will be a lot more gameplay H-games in the future, so we’ve been releasing different genres in Japan as well.

Orc Kingdom (Action Strategy)

Orc Kingdom 1

Orc Kingdom 2


Oppainvader 1

Oppainvader 2

Tanegami-sama Sower & Droplet (JRPG + Card collection)

Tanegami 1

Tanegami 2

Orc Castle (Trap puzzle)

Orc Castle 1


If you see anything you might like, please visit our Japanese site as well. We have sample movies of our games as well. I hope you have a pleasant hentai life.

Alamar Chinkokusai

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  1. While I’m not all too interested in their games, the comments are always very nice to read. Would almost buy some of their games just for these, if only I had that much extra money to throw around.

  2. I totally want to see their new game. I’m super curious about it.

    Cmon mangagamer. If you’re going to release Euphoria surely this can’t be much more out there can it?

  3. I don’t want to be “that guy” but I’m not too big on the grotesque stuff. I’m already going to have to skip buying Euphoria because it’s a little too out there for me. If this game is worse than Euforia than its pretty much guaranteed that I’ll have to skip that release too. Just my personal opinion but I don’t really think we need any more grotesque stuff.

  4. That new title sounds interesting. Definitely should try bringing it over.

  5. >I am thinking of releasing a stand alone title, by different creators.
    >This game features body modification and body fusion, as well as sex that revolves around those erotic and grotesque themes.
    I think it’s quite possible that this game is Dustmania Grotesque. Even though it’s “by different creators” (or more like different company) staff that worked on that title has worked on many Morning Star titles + it’s stand alone and features both body modification and body fusion (he didn’t say anything about guro though) and it also wasn’t released in physical format.

  6. You know what, I’m quite curious about this new game. I vote that MG goes for it.

  7. This “insane” title you speak of totally sounds like something up my ally and would likely be relevent to the interests of /f/ (freakshow) on gurochan and possibly even /d/ (hentai alternative) on 4chan.

  8. MG, bring the game over…maybe, I don’t know, that’s quite the comment…haha.

  9. I say MG should take it. Might as well see what kind of customers you have. Who knows? It could be surprisingly successful.

  10. Oooh, yeah, I definitely want my hentai as extreme as possible. My favorite franchises are Starless and Taimanin Asagi. I’ve also played and blogged about Ruby Striker, Lapis Gunner and Amber Breaker; the whole shebang! The Hentai Industries style of unbridled fucking has been very much to my liking.

    As long as there’s no actual bloody violence and nobody gets killed, I definitely prefer extreme domination. Body modification is also sexy as hell. :3

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