Tester’s Corner: No Thank You Ed. Vol 6

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the first uncensored dick you will see in game: Renren. Introducing him as the last and least important member of sotano would normally seem appropriate since everyone else has a route, but everyone is important in No, Thank You!!!

Watching the side characters’ stories and mysteries unfold as the game proceeds is one of my favorite parts. The game wasn’t just about sotano or Haru’s amnesia. As the game continues I was amazed to see how Kaori, Renren’s sister with a chest-that-demands-your-attention-even-in-a-BL-game, still held an important role in the game as it continued well past her own story. Notable, due to how BL games are usually more about the guys. In the end, my favorite character ended up not being someone from the main cast, but the adorable Yufumi.

Not every character was likeable, one even ruined the happy feeling carried over from the previous scene and turned it into pure rage, and that takes some impressive character building to pull that off. After playing through the game I was sad that I couldn’t romance more of the cast, Kaori included, but I also felt that they weren’t left out in getting important development either. Surprisingly, the well thought-out bad ends brought about more side character information that I just wasn’t expecting to see. A few words or absent minded comments in the bad ends would make things connect in ways that I didn’t see coming. Haru’s cat was even important enough to be the deciding factor if you got a bad end or continued into the true end. I hope you all enjoy the game enough to read through the good and the bad ends. It would be nice if I got amnesia so I could reread it!

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  1. I don’t actually remember Haru’s cat being a deciding factor in any of the routes but I was super sad Ren didn’t have a route. He was my favorite dick in the game ;( (well I liked Maki-chan as a character better, but when it comes to the D Renren took the cake). I also wish we had a side route where the reporter (who, thanks to Haru, I only remember by the name Bunbun) had more screen time because he was really enjoyable to watch.

    I hope they end up making a FD for this game some day or a sequel that follows up on the how the game ends because the whole cast was rather enchanting. I can’t say there was really a character I hated or minded seeing on screen even if they weren’t all likable characters.

    But I’m still holding out for the FD where Haru romances Ren, it should be a thing. Ren needs all the love he can get.

  2. A neat little Tester’s Corner. Well done!

    About the amnesia: Just ask a friend of you to drop a rock on your head and you should have amnesia in no time! 😉

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