Tester’s Corner: Amber Breaker Ed. Vol 2

Hello there! My name’s Cuppa and it is my pleasure to present a tester’s corner for Amber Breaker.

Amber Breaker is the sequel to Lapis Gunner, which is itself a sequel to Ruby Striker. In Amber Breaker, the heroine Amber infiltrates Zodiac’s lair in the hopes of saving her captured partners, Ruby and Lapis. However, once entering the base Amber finds herself immediately captured by the villain.

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To quote Zodiac, “bahaha”, a familiar bad guy laughter which also happens to be the cue for tentacles, monster dicks, lesbian sex, anal… ah, you get the idea! In short, for what Amber Breaker may lack in plot, it makes up for in hentai scenes. Hentai fans will have plenty to keep themselves entertained and shouldn’t be disappointed, most especially if they enjoyed the previous two games. If you are a fan of the previous games, then you will be glad to know that Lapis and Ruby do make significant appearances. If you haven’t played the previous games then there’s no need to worry. By itself, Amber Breaker makes just as much sense as a standalone game would.


This was my first beta test for Manga Gamer, and though I’ll admit the hentai genre isn’t quite my cup of tea, I nevertheless found many points within Amber Breaker that I enjoyed. For example, the music was very impressive. The game’s opening song was very pretty and quickly got stuck in my head. The music quality did not falter at any point in the game, and so the background soundtracks for each chapter were equally superb. The voice actresses were also amazing. It was all professionally done and each actress was able to express her character’s mood perfectly.

There are two endings in this game. Without spoiling too much, I do wish there could have been a third (possibly secret) ending, where Zodiac got his comeuppance and the girls got a bit of justice. Hell, if the tentacles turned on Zodiac for a while I wouldn’t have complained! But then, that would have turned the game into another genre completely…

Amber Breaker isn’t a time sink and can be enjoyed very cheaply late one evening. There are no complicated choices, so it’s easy to get the ending you want. Overall, Amber Breaker may not be a visual novel masterpiece, but it certainly does what it says on the tin. If you’re a hentai fan with a soft spot for tentacles, then I would encourage you to give Amber Breaker a try.

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