Forbidden Love Pre-Orders!


Forbidden Love With My Wife’s Sister from Appetite is now available for pre-orders! Order now before the game goes live on May 29th and get 10% off!

Join Masayuki in this scandalously hot sex romp as the sister of your newlywed wife forces herself upon you while moving into a new home. As the sexy young girl seduces her way into your pants she takes advantage of your indecisiveness, and confesses her love for you. Try not to get caught with your pants down as you enjoy this exciting ride!


Unique to Forbidden Love, you get to choose where to touch your wife’s sister, Sasa, by clicking on different parts of the body. The sex scenes will then flow and progress into different scenes based on where you sampled the smooth sensation of her supple flesh!


Pre-order your copy today and enjoy these sexy tits this May!

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