Announcing No One But You

Today we’re happy to support the new OEL VN developer, Unwonted Studios, and their very first visual novel, No One But You! Though this new game has been successfully funded through Kickstarter, it’s our pleasure to offer this brand-new title on our website and help budding new developers have a chance at commercial success. Read on for more information about this brand-new title!

In this touching tale, join Hideaki who has moved from his small village to a much larger town, Okutama. He struggles with everyday life until he arrives at Wanko High, but when he arrives at his new school he is presented with many choices and even some hidden secrets.


Will you run from fate? Or will you accept it? Can you discover the hidden secrets?  Once you discover them, will you bury them, once again?

You will interact with the characters and find your path along the way. Will you find your way, even with the help of friends and family? Can you make the right decisions leading to happiness?

Can it be anyone but you?

Fully voiced in english, and with ample CG, No One But You promises to be a truly moving tale. We’ll be offering the adult version DRM-Free when its ready for sale, so follow us and Unwonted Studios for more information on its development!

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  1. That is a beautiful background but the UI clearly isn’t, I’m hoping there is a transparency option.

  2. that one definitely looks very promising, artwork is top notch & i´m curious what else is going to be added after finishing its kickstarter campaign (all goals reached & new ones announced)

  3. Didn’t know this game will have an adult release. Their page mentions nothing of it at all when I looked at it few days ago. I agree with the UI, seems.. too dominant compared to the BG? Still, looking forward to it now that it has R18!

  4. its pretty much obvious they didnt mention it, for not getting expelled from their kickstarter campaign. here & there you could read something between the lines.

  5. Why are they including mosaic? Thought they weren’t selling in japan or Japanese.

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