Tester’s Corner: No Thank You Ed. Vol 7


No, Thank You!!! got a lot of buzz when it was first released in Japan, and many Western BL fans hoped for an English release. Thankfully, MangaGamer decided to answer our prayers. It definitely stands out from typical BL game fare—two bara-looking love interests? Body hair and ejaculation options? Then again, NTY!!! is not exactly what you’d call a typical BL game.

You play as Haru—a ditzy, carefree amnesiac trying to get back on his feet after losing his memories in a car accident. The man you saved from getting run over takes you in as an apprentice bartender at his bar. However, this isn’t just any snazzy jazz bar—it also moonlights as a detective agency. Mystery, adventure, and sex abound… Well, at least that’s what our protagonist hopes for!

Even though Haru is always trying to find a way to get into other dudes’ pants, NTY!!! shouldn’t be mistaken for a nukige. The plot is actually well-written and I was invested in it the whole way through. Throughout the game, you uncover dark secrets about the characters Haru befriends and about Haru himself. Some of the twists will surprise you, and might even shock you. As someone who prefers eroge with a good story, this was definitely a point in the game’s favour. The game also has a cool, aptly-named “No, Thank You!!!” button that appears on-screen at certain decisions in the game. Choose wisely!

Speaking of the characters themselves, Haru’s probably my favourite protagonist from any BL game I’ve played. His childish mannerisms, silly internal monologues and outrageous dialogue with other characters never failed to make me snicker. The four “heroines” are all interesting in their own right. At first glance, they seem to fit into familiar archetypes—friendly boy-next-door, ice king, etc.—but as they say, there’s more than meets the eye. Even the side characters are intriguing, with their different goals and motivations.


If H-scenes are what you’re interested in, No, Thank You!!! delivers, full stop. CGs that leave little to the imagination, top-notch voice acting, looping moaning tracks—all narrated in explicit detail thanks to our pervy protagonist. Personally, I found that the H-scenes dragged on a little too much, but some will undoubtedly be thankful for the shamelessly explicit sex.

In the end, “everything is not always what it seems” might also be a good way to describe the game. It may not end up being what you expect it to be, but it will probably leave an impression on you long after you’ve finished playing it. It’s easy to tell that pa-rade put a lot of love and care into making No, Thank You!!!. Overall, it’s a high-quality erogame and I recommend it even if you’re not usually into BL.

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  1. I really hope there will be a sequel for this game…

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