Tester’s Corner: Amber Breaker Ed. Vol 4

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This was my first beta testing job with MangaGamer, so here we go with my Tester’s Corner!

Amber Breaker is the last game in the Jewel Star trilogy that also includes Ruby Striker and Lapis Gunner. If you are aware of those two other games, then you would know what to expect for Amber Breaker. For the uninitiated, put simply, Amber Breaker is basically the torture of the titular heroine by tentacles and other monstrous appendages. Needless to say, this is quite a dark nukige.

I was not actually aware of Ruby Striker and Lapis Gunner until after I finished my testing. It isn’t needed to enjoy Amber Breaker as most of the game deals with Amber herself, but going through them would explain the characterization of both Ruby and Lapis when they show towards the end.


The story is pretty simple. Amber Breaker goes off to try to save Ruby and Lapis and gets captured for her trouble. The villain Zodiac then proceeds to have Amber violated repeatedly via his minions. I was actually surprised to get the sense of ultimate evil from Zodiac whenever he speaks. The whole time you get the feeling that he isn’t doing this out of some personal desire but doing it because he can. I do feel it is a shame he wasn’t voiced as I do think if he was given the right voice, it would add to how sinister and evil he is. I would have also liked Zodiac to have shown up physically in the story and have some of his backstory explained, but alas that backstory is left to “Prisoners of Tentacle Hell”, which is an alternate world to this trilogy.


If you are a fan of tentacles, then you would enjoy this game immensely. It does not waste any time to start going through all the different kinds of tentacle hell. There is one section where Amber Breaker is violated by her own sword. I make note of this scene in particular as I actually quite liked the music in this scene. It would not feel out of place if it was used in a boss battle in a JRPG. It has an orchestral feel to it with some ominous Latin sounding chanting in the background. Maybe I’m a sucker for this type of music, but it did surprise me to find such a track in this nukige.


Towards the end, Ruby and Lapis appear to join in on the action. This, as you can guess from the rest of what I have wrote, involves more tentacles. To be honest I was a bit disappointed as I did wish for more direct action between the three girls. There is some, but I would have liked a bit more as the rest of the game was tentacle heavy (which is blasphemy to all the tentacle lovers!).

I was not a fan of tentacles before going into this and while I still have not converted to the world of tentacles, I feel that if you like that kind of thing this would be very enjoyable. Amber Breaker sets the plot extremely quickly and dives tentacle first into the action!

– Raitohikari

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  1. License a Venus Blood series game and we’ll get to see a real tentacle eroge in action. With gameplay. And a story that’s actually good.

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