Translator’s Corner: Sweet Sweat in Summer


Hi, I’m Cafe. I translated Sweet Sweat in Summer: The Naughty Girl and Her Ripe Scent (Natsuiro Mikan ~Ecchi na Shoujo to Shitataru Nioi~). You might be wondering why we went with that title instead of the rather simple “Natsuiro Mikan”. The reason for this was because we wanted to better portray the meaning of the Japanese title in a way that was direct and got right to the point in English.


Sweet Sweat in Summer was a very short project for me. I translated the entirety of the scenario in just under a month while I was finishing up Euphoria’s translation. It was almost cathartic, and at times a little jarring, being able to go from Euphoria to a way, way more (seemingly) light-hearted title like Sweet Sweat in Summer. Sweet Sweat in Summer actually has a bit of a dramatic (albeit somewhat predictable) scenario between all the sex. But make no mistake, this game is a nukige through and through. Most of the scenes are quite vanilla, but with a bit of a deviant twist. As the title suggests, it’s set in the summer, and you can expect lots of hot, sweaty, summer-themed sex as a result.


I personally requested to work on this game shortly after I saw it was released because I thought it filled a much needed void in MangaGamer’s lineup. MG doesn’t really have any games catering entirely to loli fans, and this was a game that I felt really struck a balance between nice h-scenes, great art, and a cute, though very perverted, heroine.

Anyway, if you think the heroine’s cute, don’t hesitate to purchase the game. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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  1. I would love to get this game, the design on the heroine is beyond awesome. The box art is also jaw-dropping in hotness. Problem is that marketing a game with loli characters can and will get me banned on Tumblr. Already happened to me once… and those were just reblogs with no nudity.

    If I may be blunt, I’m very worried that you guys at MG are pushing out so many loli games lately. I truly hope you’ve made certain there’s no way in hell that you could get legally fucked for it. Please stay safe.

    • Isn’t that like the first eroge with loli content in like 6 months though? Unless you’re considering loli anything that doesn’t have C-cup breasts that is.

  2. Looks pretty good, but as the guy above posted, hope it doesn’t draw too much attention (of the bad kind) to yourselves.

    Makes me wish I didn’t live in a backwards part of the world that would jail me for reading such a VN. 🙁

  3. I love the artwork. I’m buying it. It’s just too bad that it has mosaics.

  4. I’m glad Mangagamer picked this up, even if I’m not particularly interested in pure nukige. I hope Mangagamer will look into more story-focused loli games like Monobeno.

    • I too would love to see Mangagamer translate Monobeno, though I don’t mind nukige as long as there are lolis. It would be great if Mangagamer could also try to license loli games from their current partners like Lilith’s Yuzuminatsu.

  5. Well, if we are talking about loli games already, I contacted ”Shining Star” some time ago via e-mail and they told me, that they don’t have a problem at all if a western publisher would want to license their games.
    They have some gameplay-focused titles; artwork is okay. Nothing ground-breaking, but something good enough for me to catch my interest (just speaking with personal preference, of course).

    I already mentioned this in JAST’s forums some time ago and Murderous Int mentioned, that these kinds of games could definitely be localized here, seeing has they are pretty vanilla and nothing ”too obscure”.
    Echelon was interested in making a thread about this, but he never got around to it for some reason…

  6. It would be cool if Mangagamer could license some of Galette’s games as well.

    I feel like they would probably be pretty easy to market since they have nice artwork and the plots to their games are fairly unique.

    • I just checked, Galette’s games look neat as well, albeit a bit too… I don’t know, too straight-forward?
      Well, atleast it’s not hardcore stuff, so I guess it’s fine.
      The artwork is really good, but I have to say,I’m interested in a VN mostly from what it looks like, but I noticed that I’m also enoying games with not-so-good artwork, but containing gameplay that makes more than just up for it.
      For example, have you heard of ”Marunomi” by Bakery?
      It has some odd genres, like Vore, and at first, it was your average tentacle rapefest, but while this also applies, the way it was written kept me interested.
      It also has multiple endings. Sadly, the English patch got never completed (some character profiles and statistics haven’t been translated, probably because of lack of graphics editors).

      Bakery in general has neat stuff.
      Not necessarily something everyone would be into, but if people could tolerate some genres, they would definitely be delivered with an enjoyable experience.
      If Mangagamer is okay with ”filling much needed nichés”, then why not picking a title like Marunomi as well?
      I mean, if they are already translating RPG Maker games…

      Anyways, maybe atleast one person will be interested in checking out Bakery.
      Doubt anyone else would, here’s the link, I guess. :/

      (As far as I know, VNDB doesn’t list all the games they have made; they are pretty lazy on updating this publisher, it seems.)

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