Beach Bounce Pre-orders Open

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Pre-orders for the MangaGamer-exclusive adult version of AJTilley‘s latest title, Beach Bounce are now open! Purchase of the adult version from will also get you a Steam key for the non-adult Steam version of the game! The game is going on-sale on Friday, August 14th. Pick it up now to get it for 20% off.

Join Tomoyo as he finds himself working at his grandmother’s beach resort after the death of his mother. Will he be able to use his summer vacation to put his past behind him and get his life on track? And just how well will he get to know his beautiful female coworkers?


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  1. Tomoyo is a female name…the closest male equivalent pronunciation-wise would be “Tomoya”.

  2. Oh uh, I couldn’t help but notice that the CPU requirement just says “1.66GHz Processor”. That’s really non-specific seeing how even the lowly 1.65GHz AMD E2-3000 would be around twice as fast in single-threaded performance compared to an old 1.6GHz Pentium 4, and a modern low-end 1.6GHz Haswell-based mobile Celeron 2918U would be twice as fast as that AMD E2-3000 in single-threaded performance, making it 4x as fast as that Pentium 4.

    The MHz myth strikes again…

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