Warrior Princess Asuka Final Staff Comment


Today we have some comments from the creators of Warrior Princess Asuka – The Final Chapter, due out this Friday!

Konnichiwa! Hello! I’m Almar Chinkokusai of Hentai Industries.

This is the final installment of the Warrior Princess Asuka Series.
I’d like to thank you all for your support so far.
Now to talk a bit about our upcoming projects:

Originally I’d planned on releasing a much more intense game, but after consulting with both my staff and MangaGamer’s staff, I decided against releasing it in English.

The reason being that taboos in Japan and the West are not the same.
As I’m sure you all know, Japanese society has a pretty relaxed viewed toward sexual taboos.
But then why do we cover things up with mosaics? You might ask. Well, that’s more of a legal issue. Business and culture aren’t the same thing.

Because Japan is a place inhabited almost entirely by Japanese people, our idea of what’s normal seems to be pretty different from other cultures.

Maybe that could be said of any two cultures, but in the case of Japan in particular, as English and Christian morals have become something of a global cultural standard, Japanese culture might seem controversial to a lot of people.

Here in Japan we don’t have many taboos regarding religion, and lately there have been a growing number of cases where Western localizers spot issues with something that didn’t even occur to us as a potential problem.

This is a bit of a tangent, but the subject of racism is somewhat similar: it’s not much of an issue in Japan so people are pretty uninformed about it, but it’s becoming a more prominent issue abroad.

Occasionally I see people saying that Japanese are awfully racist, but it’s not that we’re racist; it’s actually that we’ve never faced any racial problems directly, so we’re ignorant about the subject and not well attuned to to racial issues. With the exception of a small few, it’s not coming from a place of malice. (Though that doesn’t necessarily excuse it either…)

That was a bit off topic, but more to the point, the title I had been considering localizing next was an extreme one that touched on taboos at numerous points, so, as I mentioned earlier, it’s been shelved.
That was the advice I got from a fellow director of similar works.
By the way, funny story, this director guy happens to be a rare Japanese Christian…

So, I was thinking of bringing over either Orc Kingdom or Orc Castle instead.
As I mentioned last time on the blog, both titles are a bit unusual compared to the ones we’ve released so far because they have more game-like gimmicks and features.
They’re both games worth conquering, so I hope you look forward to them.
May your life of perversion want for naught!

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  1. I’m looking forward to getting some actual games from Morningstar. Though I do wonder, is it alright for him to essentially spoil your later licenses?

  2. How about these three games from the writer of the Kyonyuu Fantasy series, Kagami Hiroyuki?:

  3. Now I really want to know what title you were planning on releasing there. Hope we’ll see it get brought over at a later point.

  4. Orc Kingdom seems vaguely interesting, but the two people who voted for it on EGS hated it. I might give the game a try if an English version were priced right.

    • I’m going to guess the translation will match or be lower then the dlsite price for the game, so we are looking at about 10 dollars.

  5. I wanna play orc kingdom. :3 Looks like it´d be a good game to market. I feel that westerners are so used to games with action that visual novels might feel like a downgrade to most of us.

    Still a fan, Hentai Industries. Keep bringing more great games and corrupt the young to be perverts! ^.^

  6. My vote is for the Orc Castle though, I’m not really interested in the Orc Kingdom idea/mechanics.

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