Euphoria TL Corner 2: Interview with Chief Graphics Designer: PONSUKE


Today we’re happy to present the second of five interviews with the staff who helped create euphoria! These interviews have been translated from euphoria‘s original website. This second one is with Chief Graphics Designer, PONSUKE.

Q. What were you in charge of for Euphoria?
A. Basically managing all aspects of the graphics related stuff and general odd jobs. Oh, I guess I did the “Evasive Action” screens, too.

Q. Which part of Euphoria was the most fun for you to work on?
A. I really like Hamashima-sensei’s art, so I was really pleased with everything.

Q. Which part of Euphoria was the toughest for you to work on?
A. The earthquake back in March. Also, the CG review took until the very end of development, so that was a bit tough.

Q. Ever feel like you’re a workaholic?
A. I feel like I’m already a bit of a deviant compared to the general public in the sense of what’s normal and abnormal to me.

Q. Eat any tasty food lately?
A. The donuts my wife made for me the other day. Having one right after it’s baked is really good. Oh, and Haagen-Dazs’s mango ice cream. I can’t eat sweets all the time, though.

Q. Is there anything you can’t live without while working?
A. Morinaga Ramune (especially the cola flavor). But like I said, I can’t have swee(omitted).

Q. What’s the most useful software you use during work?
A. An image cropping program called “Sukombu”. Also a filenaming program called “AllRename”. They’ve both helped me out a lot.

Q. Who is your favorite character in Euphoria?
A. I liked what happened to Class Rep.

Q. Tell me about the parts of a (girl’s) body that you like, fetishes you may have, or types of play that you’re into.
A. Boobs, basically. I’m fine with everything else, though. I’m not picky.

Q. Where did you come up with the ideas for the “Evasive Action” screens?
A. Mostly from puns and rhymes. I write down everything I think of, and I was coming up with some great (or rather, vulgar) ideas when I was on vacation with my wife and in-laws. I didn’t get to write them down, though.

Q. Any messages for our Euphoria players?
A. If you seriously need to take “evasive action” just minimize the game to the system tray.


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