Euphoria TL Corner 4: Interview with Planning/Scenario Writer Asou Ei


Today we’re happy to present the fourth of five interviews with the staff who helped create euphoria! These interviews have been translated from euphoria‘s original website. The fourth one is with the Scenario Writer, Asou Ei.

Q. What were you in charge of for Euphoria?
A. The planning, character/setting info, the plot, scenario writing, creation of pre-order bonuses, and outsourcing another writer. I was also able to help finalize each character’s appearance, too. It was a lot of fun.

Q. Which part of Euphoria was the most fun for you to work on?
A. Being able to write h-scenes without having to restrain myself. Not like scat and gore, but… more like Nemu’s first h-scene.

Q. Which part of Euphoria was the toughest for you to work on?
A. The scenario was rather long, so that. It was like I kept writing, and writing, and writing, and I was afraid it was never going to end.

Q. Ever feel like you’re a workaholic?
A. When I’m writing h-scenes that’s all I end up thinking about, so if I go out I sometimes end up almost saying things like “pussy” by accident. If I ended up doing something like that while I was out seeing the osteopath I wouldn’t be able to go back. I’d be erased from society.

Q. Eat any tasty food lately?
A. Fried goubou. Also the saag mutton at my local curry joint.

Q. Is there anything you can’t live without while working?
A. Fluids (water). Water in the summer, coffee in the winter. And eyedrops.

Q. What’s the most useful software you use during work?
A. Outside of the stuff I absolutely need, there are two.

  1. The tagging program “Petapeta”. It’s basically a post-it note. You just make one, write on it, and place it on your desktop, but that’s all I need. I think the creator’s site is gone, though…
  2. “QTClip”. I use it for set phrases and copy-pasting. It’s easy to use. I often use it with the editing software, “Snippet”.

Q. Who is your favorite character in Euphoria?
A. Rika. This kind of game needs a character like her. I’m looking forward to people going “Rika’s so annoying!” once they play it. Also, I like Nemu in a different sense.

Q. Tell me about the parts of a (girl’s) body that you like, fetishes you may have, or types of play that you’re into.
A. Soles covered by white kneesocks, pantyhose, or black tights. Also, cum swallowing and bukkake.

Q. Any messages for our Euphoria players?
A. Please support Euphoria.


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