MangaGamer’s Best of 2015 Poll


To cap off the Twelve Days of Visual Novels and 2015 as a whole, we thought it’d be fun to hold a poll to determine the best releases of the year!

Here’s how it works: releases are split into two categories first party and third party. You can vote for one title in both (or just one if you prefer) polls every 24hrs through January 4th. We’ll be giving away five copies of the top ranking games at the end of the poll. To be eligible to win, enter your e-mail via the form at the end of this post––it’s that simple! And just for fun we’ve included a third category for most anticipated titles of next year. You can select all the titles you’re looking forward to but you only get to vote once, so choose wisely!

Best Release of 2015



Best 3rd Party Release of 2015



Most Anticipated Titles of 2016


If you’d like to be eligible to win a free copy of the winning game submit your e-mail address below. You may include a comment about why you voted for your choice if you feel so inclined. Duplicate entries will be discarded and if your e-mail isn’t valid, we won’t be able to get your prize to you.

Entries closed.

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  1. My most anticipated has been DCIII for a few years now, unless there’s some Ricotta or Crossover games, it probably won’t change. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. All the way for Higurashi and Umineko in 2016

  3. I agree. I can’t believe it is not the most voted.

  4. I wonder how many of the people who voted for Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning as best title 2015 have already finished it. Considering that the title was just released, it’s either extremely short so they could finish it in 1 – 2 days, or it’s just hype-voting without any value.
    Originally, I was also convinced that KnS2 would be my favorite MG title this year, but as it turned out after reading it, Eden got my vote instead.

    • Well when they’re giving out the top ranking games as prizes people might be voting for something they’d like to win instead of something they already have. I know I did! I did play the gahkthun demo though.

  5. Only MG possibility I have any hype for is Rance VI

  6. I remember seeing MG’s website when it was just starting out (I think I followed a link from ANN). I was interested in visual novels, but pretty much everything on the page was a nukige. The one title I remembered was “Suck My Dick Or Die!!” Not a good first impression.

    Years later, the selection looks great. I bought several titles this year and a lot of the upcoming releases look appealing. Can’t wait to see what else gets licensed.

  7. Who’d have thought I’d be voting a a yaoi game as best of the year? Then again the only reason euphoria, Gahkthun and KNS2 aren’t picked is because I haven’t finished them yet (in KNS2’s case…when do we go back to the present? ;.;)

  8. Looking forward to Beat Blades Haruka!

  9. Really looking forward to Bokuten ! Also KnS2 was truly the best vn of 2015 and euphoria was cool for a nukige.

  10. Definitely Higurashi for 2015. I voted for Myth for 2016 instead of Umineko because, well, I’ve already played Umineko.

  11. Super excited for Bokuten! I got the song from the trailer on iTunes a while back. Definitely gonna pre-order it when it’s available for pre-order.

  12. Rance!
    Give us Alicesoft’s Rance!
    Rance 5D,
    Rance VI,
    Rance Quest,
    Rance 9,
    Rance X.

  13. Sometimes I feel like the only person looking forward to Bokuten, so it’s fantastic to see i’m not alone! ^_^

  14. I enjoy VNs released on Steam. If a game won’t be released on Steam, I won’t play it :<

  15. If the Sakura titles were at the top for 3rd party, I would have had to lose my faith in humanity .

  16. Euphoria by far best game released this year. Great plot, great sex scenes, interesting characters and a huge game with something like 1500 cgs. Not even heard of the thing that is beating it so far but what ever. Tokyo Babel most anticipated for next year unless they do get some of the rance games.

    • Great plot, great sex scenes, interesting characters and a huge game with over 3000 cgs… oh wait, that’s No Thank You!!!

      Just saying, best game is subjective to subject interest.

  17. I already know what is my most anticipated game of 2017… Walkure Romanze ~Shoujo Kishi Monogatari~ I want to dream. 😀

  18. Am I the only one excited about Kindred Spirits on the Roof?
    I’ve played it before with the aid of a translating program and even then it was a really sweet story. I’ve been hoping to play a properly translated version of the game so this title got my vote immediately.

  19. I particularly appreciated Euphoria this year. It’s probably safe to call it a nukige but I was still as puzzled as the main character, and I’m still trying out the different routes to understand the full story.

  20. What happened to your forums? Where do i get support now?

    • They have a support email at, or you can read under the Support tab on the top right of their website for frequently run into problems.

    • Currently there seems to be a really weird trend going on with big English eroge sites blowing up their forums. MangaGamers forums are down for almost a month now, Fuwa forums are down too, Jast is still trying to get rid of their strange ‘blog forum’ and Sekai Projects old forum is also dead, but at least their new one seems to working correctly. The only one who didn’t self-destruct their forums so far is VNDB. I wonder how long they can resist the temptation to follow the trend too…

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