Trinoline Announced


Surprise! At his Monday Q&A panel during Anime Expo 2016, Nobukazu (nbkz) Sakai announced minori’s next Visual Novel project: Trinoline ~LL Move~.

During the panel, nbkz expressed his desire to make Trinoline an international release, and his plans to ask those of us at MangaGamer to handle the localization while the game is still in development, with goals to make the time gap between Japanese and English releases as small as possible.

Current development plans are setting early 2017 as the target release date for Trinoline in Japan.

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  1. Based af. Please enjoy our delicious dollars, nbkz

  2. Well finally we are being notice by Japan dammit.

  3. Sweet. It’s nice to see that minori is keeping the west in mind. I can’t want to see how Trinoline turns out! Hopefully the rest of Supipara can get released as well.

  4. The years not over and MG has already announced a great line up with a nice variety of titles, 5 out of 6 are pretty much guaranteed purchases for myself. Been a customer at MG for a long time and it is nice to see them doing so well and for receiving the recognition of the Devs over in Japan and using that to bring even more great titles to us fans!

  5. It’s really cool to hear that minori is taking notice of us! I look forward to Trinoline. I like minori’s previous works a lot, so I’ll be sure to buy it when it comes out! I’m looking forward to Supipara as well and hope the plan with that works out well too!

  6. Excellent news!

  7. ベリーメロン

    Reminder that minori still blocks foreign IPs from their website.

    • Wow, I just assumed they stopped that nonsense once it became clear they were interested in the west in the past couple years. Not great that I was proven wrong!

  8. where is sppl2?

  9. So will sales of this game also contribute to Supipara?

    • Supipara got more than enough of a boost from eden to fund itself for the second chapter. After that, it’s hard to tell though, so any boost it can get would be nice.

  10. I hope licensing a novel still in development will lead to uncensorred high quality geniatalia and beep free audio for the english version.

    • I’m just hoping the game ends up decent and worth the investment. Kinda have an issue with simultaneous releases, we have no idea if the game is good or not until after it has sucked up resources.

  11. I’m still keeping my hope that they will make something on par with ef

  12. Any chance of uncensored CG?

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