Umineko Chapters 1-4 Now On Sale!


The first four chapters of Umineko: When They Cry, comprising the question arcs, are now on sale on! They will be unlocking on Steam later today as well. Pick it up today!

And don’t forget chapter 1 of Supipara is currently available for pre-order!

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  1. Will Supipara be released on Steam? It’s all-ages so no prob with 18+ content.

  2. Hi!
    I’m from the 07th Inquisition ( and we translated the game to spanish. We’d like to colab with you so we can get the game in spanish on Steam. Oh, and I know the leader from the Italian group so we could add italian too.
    Hope you reply soon.

    • Thank you for the inquiry.

      Since we don’t have a team to check the quality of languages other than English at the moment, we aren’t ready to officially support other languages. However, as 07th Expansion’s general policy, we don’t intend to interfere with people releasing fan patches, as long as you don’t provide a standalone that can be played without purchasing the game.

      MangaGamer General Manager

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