Funbag Fantasy Tester’s Corner Vol. 1


Hello! This is Kitty-tama! Funbag Fantasy (alternatively known by its Japanese title, Kyonyuu Fantasy) is an eroge I’ve had my eye on for some time now, so when MangaGamer announced its localization at Anime Central, I felt excitement well up within the core of my very being. I had the honor of beta testing it, too! I can say with certainty that, to date, this is my favorite title I’ve beta tested. 


Funbag Fantasy doesn’t have a particularly amazing plot by any stretch. Despite that, it’s a fun time through and through! The game is lengthy, but it never overstays its welcome. At its core, the story is your usual rags to riches plot, but the execution feels anything but cliché, what with its little twists and turns. It’s full of suspense and conflict, and needless to say, when the ending comes, it feels earned. I haven’t played an eroge that left me with that sense of satisfaction for some time. Though Funbag Fantasy does have a rich plot with a colorful cast of characters, if the title didn’t give it away, this is definitely a nukige through and through.


Most of the H content within Funbag Fantasy focuses on breasts and all the wonderful things that can be done to them. Given the title of the game, it’s sooo shocking, isn’t it? Sarcasm aside, I quite enjoyed the H scenes this game had to offer. It helps that the focus of the erotic scenes is also one of my biggest fetishes, too! Pun intended? Perhaps. The scenes are mostly dialogue driven, so for those that are a huge fan of dirty talking, this eroge will be right up your alley. Unfortunately for me, though, I’m more a fan of descriptive narration, so while the H scenes did do the job, so to speak, I wished there were more textual descriptions to accompany the dirty dialogue. Perhaps CLOCKUP’s games have spoiled me in that regard, though… Also, this game has a lot of lactation. It grew on me eventually, but for those not as fond of it, you might want to steer clear from this game.


The characters were all very enjoyable, each with their own quirks and charm. My favorite heroines, for the record, are Shamsiel and Luceria. Shamsiel made me wish that succubuses existed so that I could have an adorable, lustful companion like her right by my side. Her constant teasing to Lute and her love of sexual things was endearing, not to mention super hot. On the contrary, Luceria’s sweet and innocent nature, combined with her huge bust, made her very appealing to me. Additionally, her voice actress made Luceria’s purity come to life! Luceria was voiced by Konoha, who you may recognize for her voice work as Sonono Nene from Eroge, as well as Makiba Rika from euphoria. The other heroines were cute, too, but I wasn’t as fond of them.

I really enjoyed Funbag Fantasy. The story and sex scenes felt well balanced, the characters were all endearing in their own ways, plus two of my biggest fetishes were touched on, to boot! If you’re a big breast lover, you have to play this eroge. MangaGamer’s partnership with Waffle was unexpected, to say the least, but it’s exciting to think of what will come next! Perhaps the sequels, or Makichan to Nau.? I’d like to see the latter localized for sure… Until next time, everyone~.

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  1. May both yourn wishes come true 🙂

  2. Any chance you guys will bring over the sequels as well?

    • Yes, I’m Sure you guys will get the sequels, I mean you have fro most of your other popular stuff, Such as the When They Cry Series and the ImoPara Series, but the question is when. With Shuffle and its Sequels they was a year a part the some other series were 6-8 months and the ImoPara series has just rolled over 2 Years so who knows. it maybe a year or longer but it’ll come i’m sure. The Problem is which series of Sequels I personally want t see the Gaiden ones since they fallow the same characters but i’m also interested in the spin offs that are ironically called 2 & 3 Directly.

  3. game is really great. hope u guys will translate the sequels. one of the best visual novels ever and its really funny

  4. This game is just awesome, and there are so many sequels so no doubt they will be taken care of too lol, but I wouldn’t mind Maki Chan to Nau either.By the way, is there a chance we can see a game from the Kansen series translated?

  5. I would love to see the Gaiden sequels! I didn’t get enough of my Gladys fix yet!

    • Not to mention her banter with Shamsiel is owrth seeing too 8)

      • She has more banter with Shamsiel in the gaiden sequels?

        • Well seeing as Shamsiel spent most of the game invisible to everyone but Lute…, plus the first Gaiden gives Gladys more focus. She even gets her own ending. Gaiden 2 has the two of them really active in the game’s main conflict. Sadly the upcoming Gaiden 2 After doesn’t seem to have Gladys in it Xp

          • Well, I just hope we get Gaiden 2, a conflict with more Gladys sounds like a great time. She was definitely my favorite heroine from this game, despite the fact that she wasn’t actually an “ending” choice.

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