Dharker Studio’s Magi Trials On Sale Now!

The Deluxe Edition of Magi Trials is now on sale on MangaGamer.com! Get your copy for 20% off during launch week!

Arriving at a new school can be daunting, even more so when it’s a school of magic…  Fortunately you have found something that might increase your chances of successful entrance, a ritual that should greatly enhance your innate magical ability. However upon arrival at the school, you realize the spell has also transformed your body into that of a woman’s!

As a visual novel, Magi Trials includes:

  • Fun Tounge-in-cheek storyline.
  • Magi, magic and demons.
  • Multiple routes and decision points that affect the ending.
  • HQ characters, backgrounds and CG Scenes.
  • 1080p Window and Full Screen options.
  • CG Scene Gallery of 100+ images to unlock.
  • Multiple save slots and full VN functions.
  • Eight Alternate Endings to explore.

By purchasing your copy on MangaGamer.com, you will also receive the following in the Deluxe Edition:

Magi Trails Deluxe Edition


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