Da Capo III R ~ X-Rated Now Available for Pre-Order!


At long last, Da Capo III R ~ X-Rated is now available for pre-order! On sale January 20th! You can grab the all-ages version, Da Capo III R, on Steam on release day!

Check out the landing page for more details, or download the very extensive demo for Linux, Mac, or Windows!

The tale of cherry blossoms blooming everywhere all year round is now an old story. Hatsune Island is now prominently known as a verdurous place that displays the seasons well. Hatsune Island, Kazami Academy. Attending this school’s affiliated campus is Yoshino Kiyotaka, his upperclassman and school idol, Morizono Ricca, his childhood friend who’s practically a little sister, Katsuragi Himeno, his half-Japanese cousin, Yoshino Charles, and two other girls who all enjoy working in the Newspaper Club together. However, the club members spend their days relaxing in the club room since there’s nothing particularly newsworthy happening on the present Hatsune Island, unlike in the past when mysterious events were common.

—Until one winter day. Despite being winter, the cherry blossoms of Hatsune Island suddenly start blooming all at once. Even more surprisingly, every single member of the newspaper club simultaneously receives a text message from an unknown sender.

The message—“When the cherry blossoms bloom, go to the promised place and—”The latter half of the message is garbled and unreadable, but the message is ominous. It’s been sent from the year 1951.“This is a message from the past! Don’t you think this refers to precisely this situation? Where is the promised place? What is going to happen there? And why have the cherry blossoms bloomed now? Our newspaper club is going to unravel these mysteries!”

Morizono Ricca firmly declares this as the president of the newspaper club. Kiyotaka and the others begin investigating the mystery. As if summoned by it, they visit the Everlasting Cherry Blossom, and there they find a lone woman waiting for them. Though it’s their first time meeting, she seems very, very nostalgic.“Now then, shall I tell you about my story?”The woman begins telling her tale—An old tale of how she met and parted with the newspaper club over a century ago in London. “The story of a dream, repeating like the da capo of a song, and the story of how it all began.”



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  1. Finally! I was almost starting to wonder if even the next Circus game Dal Segno will be released before it… 😉
    Can’t even remember anymore in which year exactly it was announced.

    • Da Capo 3 was announced in 2013. Once this is out everything announced that year will finally be out, and once Bokuten is out everything from 2014 will be out.

      Can’t wait myself, been looking forward to this since I saw the opening all those years ago…

  2. Hooray! I loved Da Capo 2 so much and I’m really happy this is finally coming out. It has been a long 3 1/2 year wait. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release. I was worried about the price, but it is really reasonable. Already preordered!

    Poor Aoi and Sara – they just get listed as “two other girls”. Sara doesn’t even get a screenshot.

  3. Any hardcopy plans? I already own D.C.1 and D.C.2 as hardcopys so I would prefer D.C.3 as on too.

  4. Hope it does well enough we’ll get the fandiscs… need the Mikoto route from With You.

  5. God….finally, thank you Mangagamer for translating D.C III, January 20th can’t come soon enough.

  6. Is there going to be a hardcopy for sale to? 🙂

  7. Just saw on the landing page that you can even play the demo on your web browser; that’s a pretty neat feature.

  8. I’d totally buy a pack with digital and hardcopy together.

  9. I can’t buy the game for some reasons QAQ
    why is it invalid?

  10. Glad that DC3 finally arrives at western shores, but please I beg you guys:
    Give us long time collectoer’s a hardcopy version!

    It would fit really neatly alongside part 1 & 2 and your over Hardcover releases in my shelf …just saying. XD

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