Charles Maroth


Today we’ll be taking an in-depth look at one of Da Capo 3 R’s older heroines, Charles Maroth.

Charles stands at the forefront of Weather Vane, serving as one of its main leaders through her role as the student council president. Her role as a leader continues in her position as the Master of Class 1-B, and she takes both leadership roles seriously and diligently. She’s kind and friendly to all, compassionate and understanding to everyone, and she works hard day in and day out to ensure all the students of Weather Vane can enjoy a happy academic life.


Part of the secret to her generous outlook on life comes from her family line—they all serve as Santa Claus! Yes, Charles’ family is descended from the very founder of the Santa Claus legend, and they specialize in a spell that produces presents, limited to once per year per person. The entire family uses this spell and their magic to fulfill the Santa Claus legend, delivering presents to children throughout the world every year on Christmas. It’s Charles’ lifelong dream to carry on the family tradition and bring happiness to others as Santa Claus. She even has a reindeer named Eto that often follows her around.


Yet despite her sweet and generous nature, she also harbors a secret of her own. While everyone recognizes the bright smile she shares with everyone, no one has ever seen that smile break—even if sometimes the hint of her sadness manages to poke through.  It’s a secret related to her past, and one that’s heavily entwined with the trouble and burden she currently keeps hidden from those around her, but perhaps one day she’ll share it with someone who grows close enough to her.


Her tale is one that’s very sweet and tender, full of flirting and affection as you build intimacy with each other. Once you draw close enough though, you’ll uncover her secret and struggle to find a way to overcome the burden she carries. Though timid about making advances, she’ll subtly provide opportunities to create a romantic, intimate mood, and think of you a lot.

Charles is voiced by Fujimura Suzuka, an actress with over 20 different titles to her name including Nakajou An in Kimi he Okuru Soro no Hana and two different roles in Wizard Girl Ambitious.


Her reincarnation in the prologue as Yoshino Charles displays a slightly different side to her character—that of the doting older sister. Though her kindness and generosity are the same, she lets her love flow strong and freely. Though she’s actually only the protagonist’s cousin, she enjoys that fact since it means there’s not actually anything keeping her from growing closer and more intimate with her beloved little cousin. She absolutely adores skin contact too, and can get a little overboard with it. One thing that both Charles’ share in common though, is their poor cooking. While she possesses the skill to create a decent dish, her sense of taste is unique, and she often mixes ingredients together that spoil the meal for others along with their stomachs.

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  1. Charles! My favorite of the DC III heroines; she’s like Otome, Asia, and Sakura all in one. Though I must admit I prefer her original VA, Ui Miyazaki, with no disrespect intended to Fujimura Suzuka.

  2. Hearing the names Charles and Eto reminds me of that puppet play in Da Capo II that Anzu wrote. It was about a girl named Charles, whose family are descendants of ol’ St. Nick, and a boy named Eto. I enjoyed how Da Capo II handled its references to the first Da Capo and it seems like Da Capo III is following in its footsteps.

    • 😉 I’m glad to see someone caught the reference between games!

      • I thought the reference was pretty obvious, at least to anyone who’s already played DC II… If I recall correctly, there’s another puppet show in D.C. III P.P. in Charles’s route.

  3. So, in universe, was Anzu’s puppet show play in Da Capo 2 about the Charles in Da Capo 3? Or is the connection just meant for the players to catch?

    • I think that’s something for fans to discover after playing both.

      I believe in Da Capo 2, Anzu mentions that she saw the story in one of her dreams, and during the course of Da Capo 2, she consults with Yoshiyuki to ultimately decide whether to keep the sad ending she dreamed of, or create a happy ending of her own for the play.

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