The Shadows of Pygmalion Tester’s Corner Vol. 2


Today, we have a tester’s corner from Shadowarc!

The world is not as simple as it seems. What if puppets who looked like normal people lived among us, trying to make the world evolve from behind the scenes? In The Shadows of Pygmalion, the story begins almost like a mystery, with many vague and strange happenings. Despite the initial slow start, the story quickly ramps up with the action, along with some shoujo ai tones.

The story starts out light-hearted enough, with Hajiro Mina, the main protagonist of the story, appearing to be your average high school girl that daydreams a lot with a liking for dolls, particularly one special doll named Ruka. It doesn’t take long for a lot of bizarre events to occur that make her question her life, ideals, and even reality. Due to her indecisiveness at times, other characters besides her best friend don’t think too highly of her at first, but slowly they all warm up to her. It quickly becomes apparent that Ruka is no ordinary doll, but a great magical being called an Eidea. Once Mina accepts the responsibility of becoming an emissary for Ruka, she and her new companions are tasked with eliminating the puppets that live among people. But this is just a small task hiding the true nature of what it means to be an emissary as the story unfolds.


The cast features many well known voice actresses, such as Hanazawa Kana voicing Jessica, the youngest of Ruka’s emissaries, but has a bit of a foul mouth despite that. There is also Kitamura Eri, who voices Makoto, Mina’s best friend. Many of the others may be familiar to any avid anime fans who watch a lot of shows.

While the game is linear, there is a choice of determining your ending, with one true ending to earn. After seeing the true ending, there is still more to see, with extra dialogue added in for certain parts on another play through, fleshing out the backgrounds of some characters.

In closing, the story is of some intrigue, even if it can get a little odd sometimes due to the terminology. The cast is one of the stronger points, with the drama being hit or miss for me in some parts.

The Shadows of Pygmalion is now available on Steam and!

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