Anime Central 2017 Announcements!

With our Anime Central panel over, we have some announcements to recap! Thank you to everyone who attended!

First up we haveย a real treat for fans of NTR: Marina’s Cuckolding Report!

One day when surfing the internet, Kenji Azuma comes across a site for men who love loaning their wives out to other men and finds himself incredibly turned on. He decides to ask his wife, Marina, if she would be willing to sleep with another man, and she agrees–on the condition that there’s no watching allowed, and Kenji will hear a report of what happened instead. For her partner, Marina chooses the adorably innocent and easily flustered college student Hiroto. Will everyone benefit equally from this “loan play,” or will Kenji find himself left behind?

We expect to have it out this summer!

Last and best of all though, is Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story, the direct sequel to the titillating hit Funbag Fantasy!

After the events of Funbag Fantasy, our hero, Lute Hende, finds that being King of Edelland isn’t as easy as it seems. Though he may be happy with a benevolent rule and his favorite breasts at hand, not all will quietly accept his reign at the side of a demonic succubus. Can he survive the assassination attempts poised against him by a foreign throne? Will his kingdom survive threats sent to undermine the people’s faith in their rulers? Can their economy withstand foreign sanctions imposed upon their export of excellent bras?! How many new assets and heroines will Lute gain before his problems are over?!

Find out in this intriguing plot encompassing large tracts of land, coming soon!

Come see us at Anime Expo in July for our next set of exciting announcements!

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  1. here’s hoping more BL games, Horror games or MG first bara game is one of july announcements.

  2. Here’s hoping more BL game, Horror game or maybe, MG first Bara game will be one July’s announcements.

  3. More titles form atelier sakura pls ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Oh! yeah! More NTR games! I wish you will translate all the Marina’s games ^^

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  6. Aww, both nukige. Please, Alicesoft games! We want storyline-focused stuff!

  7. Yaaaaaaay! More Fantasy!

  8. Oh yea :3 thanks MG, so are they announcing 2 games per convention?

    • Generally speaking, non Anime Expo or non Otakon conventions get nukige or small VN announcements. Those smaller conventions usually get 2-3 announcements.

      Anime Expo and Otakon are when the big announcements come in. 2015 AX had 4 announcements while 2015 Otakon and both AX 2016 and Otakon 2016 had five announcements each (if you count the two Rance games as one announcement).,

      It’s fair to assume about 4 or 5 announcements for each of those two conventions this year, though we won’t know for certain how many until the day of the convention itself. For the large conventions they like to show that there are at least 2 possible announcements or so about a few weeks before then add more hidden announcements until the event itself.

      While MG is only showing 4 secret projects right now, there may be more hidden projects that MG hasn’t shown the progress of yet or deals being made that won’t be finalized until soon before announcement time.

      Incidentally, whatever guests MG brings to AX influences what MG will announce at that convention, but that isn’t 100% guaranteed. I can’t imagine what Itaru coming to AX implies at the very least.

  9. Oh yay, Marina! My survey request came true ^^ I hope for a boxed copy of the whole series eventually.

  10. Today is a happy day, after a lot of years praying and asking you guys to bring Marina you finally heard us and that’s awesome and a reason to celebrate, we are going to have a decent English translation but god damn it guys, who the hell is in charge of choosing the “localized” names?
    >Please bang my wife
    >Marina’s cuckolding reports

    That is the most awful names you can chose for a game, even for an NTR fan I find those names hard to swallow. If what you guys want is to keep us away from your games you are doing a great job.

    Why can’t you use:
    “Marina’s lending game”
    “Marina’s lending reports”
    “Marina’s NTR stories”
    and why not? “Marina no netorase”.. sigh.-

    Having said this, I really hope people don’t get too scared away and that Marina sells good enough so you guys can bring the other 2 games and the 2 extra games too. I sincerely wish you guys good luck.

    • I think you’ll find that the weird names don’t really influence sales that much. A lot of people whined about Funbag Fantasy and that was one of the best sellers of last year so I’m led to believe weird names do little to lessen sales. And worse name… Nah. I’m pretty sure they could do much worse then those.

      • Funbag Fantasy is a bad example for your point. Many of the people who were outraged over Funbag Fantasy’s naming were under the misconception that it was somehow a serious story VN because of how well it was rated on various VN ratings sites. When selecting the name for Funbag Fantasy, we were took into account just how silly and how over the top ridiculous the story was, and came up with a title that was true to the original and managed to convey that silliness.

        In reality, titles can very much can affect how a game sells and we make a lot of effort to give every game the title that would give it the best chance on the market. To the hardcore fan, people who are already willing to buy a title because they know what the game is about, the name doesn’t matter too much since they already want everything that’s in it. To the not-as-hardcore, the name can make or break a sale, and those are the people who we want to make sure know what they are getting before they buy.

  11. Finally, more nukiges…

  12. If you’re gonna translate 1 marina game you gotta do em all ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. very good Announcements Thank You

  14. Sigh… Are you even going to release any otome games

  15. is their by any chance that you would be in partnership with softhousechara eushully or any other game company that has a gameplay in it like dungeon crawling

  16. have you given up partnership with eushully?

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