Dungeon of Corruption – Tester’s Corner Vol 1

Oh hey, didn’t see you there. It’s your best friend- Umbel. Back at it again. Recording live, from…


This one was kind of spur of the moment for me- in the tester chat we were pitched with a vague “gameplay focused nukige”… And what I got was exactly as advertised, in a surprisingly good way.
At it’s core, it is very much a nukige with heavy gameplay. Actually, I’d label it as a simple puzzle game with smut more than a nukige. Most of your time in game will be spent escorting one of two girls through a dungeon, with the vague goal of clearing the trial given to the girl.
If you, like me, immediately realized that their goal of getting through the dungeon safely had very little to do with you, a person who sets traps in their paths to send them headlong into monster rape scenes, you might get a bit confused as to what to do. The actual objective is only made clear in obscure notes written on… Pebbles at the end of various dead ends in game.

Note: the pebbles aren’t actually visible and are totally nondescript.

Basically, your job is to get her raped as much as possible without killing her, by all the monsters in the dungeon, before placing her in front of the end boss (and thus dooming her to fail.) To that end, most of your time will be spent making the heroine slide everywhere on slimes while you try and find which room which monsters spawn in.
The gameplay itself is pretty simple but its pretty fun if you’re into puzzles- though it can get repetitive as time goes on. Each room of the dungeon contains one standard monster type, one summoned monster type, and some rooms have mechanisms that spawn on room entry.
The mob type doesn’t actually change anything but the resulting cg and the damage dealt to the heroine though.
Which leads me into normal review topics:

The CGS… Are very hit or miss. Some of them are actually very good, others suffer from poor posing or perspective(especially for Griselda), but it has merit of having CGS catering to… Many different fetishes. There’s no blood (un?)fortunately, but many CGS can get pretty extreme torturey. The art, aside from the posing, is pretty alright. A solid 6/10 overall.

A hit.

The music… I think there was music. …I’m kidding of course. There’s a small handful of jingles playing constantly throughout the game. It’s not… Bad. Very average. What you’d expect from a nukige.
6/10 again

…Not so hit.

I already went over the gameplay, but I do mind of want to highlight that it’s really surprisingly fun for someone who likes puzzles- if you’ve played orc dungeon you already have a good idea of how it works; your heroine follows a set of rules (either left or right hand wall) to navigate through the dungeon, and you as the almighty trap person influence her navigation with traps you lay pretty much on the fly.
Being perfectly honest, if it was like… Mobile, and new rooms were made occasionally, I’d not mind playing it more regularly.
Alas, 8/10 very decent

It’s a nukige, there is no story, I’m not going to rate it.
All in all it gets a high 6/10 or a low 7/10 from me. Very decent. Not unenjoyable. Would drag on of you’re just looking to get a quick pile of smut CGS. Is fun if you’re looking to idly pass time being a terrible person and raping innocent girls.

With your mind.

Because. You know. Puzzles.

You’re welcome.

You can pick up Dungeon of Corruption right now on MangaGamer.com!

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