Rance VI + 5D Deluxe Hardcopy Now Available for Pre-Order!

Rance VI + Rance 5D Deluxe Physical Edition is now available for pre-order! On Sale July 7th!

Taking a new job, Rance and his slave Sill find themselves in the magical Kingdom of Zeth. In Zeth, however, mages are considered superior and all others are treated as second class citizens. It’s not long before Rance’s big mouth lands him in prison.

And so, under the pretense of liberating the oppressed, Rance sets out to punish evil mages, build a harem from his new female allies, and have tons of sex…!


  • Developer: Alicesoft
  • Specs: No mosaics
  • Category: Action, battle, fantasy, RPG/Dungeon crawler
  • Platform: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Three disk set! Includes game disk and two original soundtrack disks.


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  1. My wallet will cry, but I’ll have to get this at some point too…

  2. More importantly, please deliver Rance Quest Magnum!! My money is ready.

    • Chrispy Chicken

      Same here! I’ve been waiting for Magnum and an official Sengoku release for years now, my money is ready.

  3. Would a view of the DVD case’s backside be possible? Just to know if I could get it through customs.

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