Space Live Idol Competition Round 1

Your favorite web browsers are battling in a net idol competition for your attention! Who will win your love – the energetic Ai E? The intellectual G Chrome? The fiery fox Higitsune? The refined Safira? The Japanese browser, Tsukikage? Check out Space Live and be one of the first to decide this competition!

There will be two matches each round, and a total of 5 rounds. Everyone will play everyone in one match, and the winner of each match gets one point. Whoever has them most points after the final round, wins!

If there is a point-tie for 1st place, there will be a tie-breaker match! Round 1 starts today! You can keep track of the standings after each round on the competition page.

Space Live Round 1 Match 1: Sarifa vs Ai E
Space Live Round 1 Match 2: Higitsune vs G Chrome

You can pick up Space Live right now on or Steam!

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  1. Go Firefox!!!!!

  2. For those who want to know:
    Ai E – Internet Explorer
    G Chrome – Google Chrome
    Higitsune – Firefox
    Safira – Safari

    I won’t say what Tsukikage represents you can figure that out yourself.

    I used Waterfox a lot myself which was Firefox but 64 bit instead of 32 bit but, Firefox now has a 64 bit version so stopped using Waterfox.

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