Space Live Idol Competition Round 2

Your favorite web browsers are battling in a net idol competition for your attention! Who will win your love – the energetic Ai E? The intellectual G Chrome? The fiery fox Higitsune? The refined Safira? The Japanese browser, Tsukikage? Check out Space Live and be one of the first to decide this competition!

There will be two matches each round, and a total of 5 rounds. Everyone will play everyone in one match, and the winner of each match gets one point. Whoever has them most points after the final round, wins!

If there is a point-tie for 1st place, there will be a tie-breaker match! Round 1 starts today! You can keep track of the standings after each round on the competition page.

Space Live Round 2 Match 1: Ai E vs Higitsune
Space Live Round 2 Match 2: Tsukikage vs Sarifa

You can pick up Space Live right now on or Steam!

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  1. Keeping the voting as open as possible by not requiring people to register is a nice touch.

  2. Just a heads-up that first scenario is really not fair the way it’s phrased empasizes Higitsune.
    If you read it carefully you’ll get what I mean.
    I want Higitsune to win but not if you’ve stacked the odds.
    I’m sure Higitsune would feel the same way.

    • It’s nice to have the scenario explained but should try to keep it as neutral as possible.

      Examples below:
      For Ai E vs. Higitsune

      I’d say Ai E and Higitsune are standing in a pool of water with a watermelon floating in the middle which they must smash with a wood practice sword while the crowd is yelling to help guide them but will the crowd distract Ai E more than help her and what about Higitsune with her *unpredictable*(maybe use a different word) nature will the crowd have any effect on the path she takes?

      For Tsukikage vs Sarifa

      I’d say Tsukikage and Sarifa stand at the ready in front of them a rock climbing wall strapped to their waists pouches of chalk hands covered white ready to start the climb with the crowd watching. What the crowd and even Sarifa don’t know is that Tsukikage is afraid of heights will this motivate Tsukikage to finish the challenge at lightning speed or will Sarifa be able to use that to her advantage and win the climb to the top?

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