The Spirit Master of Retarnia Now Available for Pre-Order!

The Spirit Master of Retarnia, a classic 3D Dungeon RPG by Lunasoft, is now available for pre-order! On sale January 26th!

Our story begins in the Kingdom of Retarnia, a country that has been at peace for five hundred years. However, portals to the Demon World have suddenly opened up, and the vile monsters which lie beyond it are determined to invade and take over the kingdom.

Five hundred years earlier, a certain hero known as the “Spirit Master of Retarnia” averted a similar crisis and led five spirits—The White Spirit Norn, the Red Spirit Vesta, The Blue Spirit Rusalka, The Green Spirit Melissa, and The Black Spirit Iris—to battle against the demons and seal the portals to their world. At the request of Queen Sylvia, Leonard, a descendant of the Spirit Master, stepped forth across the portal into the Demon World to save the kingdom.


  • Includes four gameplay modes: Easy, Normal, Nightmare, and Hell.
  • Each difficulty mode unlocks bigger and better equipment than the last, so be prepared for a challenge!
  • Control your party with your keyboard’s arrow or WASD keys and mouse.
  • RNG system drops a myriad of rare equipment, weapons, and Artifacts during your journey.
  • Items found in the dungeon can later be appraised, enhanced, and equipped to create a variety of character builds.
  • With every level up, you can also learn and equip new skills to each party member.
  • Beware! If Leonard dies in battle, your team will suffer the consequences and be forced into submission by your demonic adversaries!


  • Developer: Lunasoft
  • Specs: Female Voice Only
  • Resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Category: Fantasy, Gameplay, Magic, Tentacles
  • Platform: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Uncensored HCG
  • DRM-Free!


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  1. Just curious, but is anything story related unlocked with replaying?

    • Hmm. That question requires a little bit of an explanation.

      You can go through the entire game and still need to unlock scenes, so it does add quite a bit of replay value. In order to unlock a vast majority of the character routes and content, you will need to raise the heroine’s affection levels, which can be done by giving them presents or favoring them in any side events while in the overworld.

      Once a heroine reaches level 4, you are then locked into completing her route for the remainder of that playthrough until you start over. You cannot engage in sexual intercourse or read the other heroine endings while you are locked into that character route until you have completed the game and start over, so choose wisely!

      Hope that helps!

      • Is there New Game+?

        • Yes.

          There are four difficulty options: Easy, Normal, NIghtmare, and Hell.

          Once you clear Easy and Normal, it will unlock Nightmare Mode and you can use your save data when you start a new game. Once you clear Nightmare Mode, it will unlock Hell Mode, which is the most extreme difficulty. You can also use your save data for that mode, too.

          Each mode will trigger newer, better, and rarer items to drop than the last to help the increased difficulty. Hope that helps!

  2. How many hours does a single playthrough provide?

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