Kingdoms of Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story

A sequel to the highly acclaimed Funbag Fantasy is coming, so let’s discuss what’s new in Sideboob Story.

The life of Lute Hende has changed a lot since his graduation from the Royal Knight Academy. He’s no longer a nonentity, scoffed at by his classmates; he is now the king of Edelland admired by his subjects. Yet as one ascends the throne, one also draws the attention of people in power in other countries. Sure enough, nobody likes upstarts. Hence the time has come to learn about the continent of Eurodia.

Edelland is located roughly in the middle of the continent. To the east of it lies the cold Kingdom of Ostacia. Some readers might remember that Isis is a descendant of an Ostacian noble family.

To the west of Edelland lies the Kingdom of Lingobard ruled by King Bazalt I. Again, some readers might remember that Prince Bobon spent time in Lingobard after his plot was uncovered by Lute. That was unsurprising given that Bobon was a nephew of Bazalt. It goes without saying, but the uncle was not happy when his nephew was killed. He therefore used the incident as a pretext to invade Edelland, but in the end he was routed by Gladys. Now Bazalt devises a plot to retaliate for that ignominious defeat.

Farther to the west lies the Kingdom of Fronce that was the hegemon of Eurodia a hundred years before the events of the story. However, these days Fronce is battling for supremacy with the Kingdom of Iberia. Needless to say, the coronation of Lute did not go unnoticed by the big powers. The grand chamberlain of Fronce is the person who takes the new king most seriously. He will do everything in his power to prevent Edelland from gaining any influence and if possible, he will expand Fronce to make it the most powerful kingdom of Eurodia again.

Another country important for the story is the State of Vacatin. Although small territorially, Vacatin is a significant player on the political arena because it serves as the central point of reference of the most widespread religion in Eurodia. As one might expect, not all servants of God are fond of the fact that a demoness—Shamsiel—has become a queen consort of Edelland.

How will Lute Hende and his vassals deal with the looming danger? Read Sideboob Story to find out!

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  1. …See, I’ve got a pretty good idea of who Fronce, Iberia, and Vacatin are, and Ostacia sounds like Fantasy Russia, but… I admit that the Central Powers are currently confounding me.

    • datanimeobscura

      If it’s referring to the Central Powers of World War I, it’s likely Germany or Austria.

      • I’m sorry, there I meant Edelland and Lingobard, since they sound like they’re in the same part of Europe as the historical Central Powers.

    • this series has some seriously nice plot
      i only read it for the plot
      for the plot

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