Anime Expo 2018 Announcements!

Today MangaGamer is proud to announce several new titles and offer something great for fans of yuri, yaoi, and RPG’s alike!

Our first new license announcement is a title BL fans will rejoice for – tennenouji’s LuckyDog1!

Giancarlo Bourbon del Monte’s nickname is Lucky Dog, and with good reason. He’s got a great life in the mob, and he doesn’t even mind being in jail — after all, he could just break himself out if he got tired of it. But when four top members of the capo regime get locked up in the same prison, the head of the family sends word to Gian that it’s up to him to break them all out. The power and prestige awaiting Gian if he can pull off the jailbreak are beyond his wildest dreams, but is he up to the job?

Can he trust this motley crew of capos to have his back? Will they make it home and reclaim the family’s spot at the top of the underworld? Find out in this thrilling tale of mobsters with good fortune on their side!

Our next announcement is a real treat for yuri fans everywhere – Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! from Particle!

What began as series of a yuri drama CDs spanning six different couples has culminated in this expansive tale of sweet, heartwarming stories from girls in love! How would you like to follow along as their romances develop? Jump into the perspective of 15 different girls for a first hand experience of their relationships growing over time. Will the three newest characters, Tamaki, Yuno, and Saeka manage to resolve their complex feelings for each other? Who of the trio will end up together?

Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! will be coming to both MangaGamer and Steam!

Next up, the infamous Rance is back to save a nation again in Rance IX -The Helmanian Revolution-! With his training complete, Patton turns to his old comrade Rance for aid in reclaiming and revolutionizing his old homeland, the Helmanian Empire. With the promise of new women to bang and the potential key to freeing his servant, Sill, Rance is ready to take charge and lead their party to victory!

This Adult 3D Tactical RPG is sure to keep strategy RPG fans entertained for hours with a customizable fortress, offensive and defensive missions, a wide array of skills to conquer your enemies with, and powerfully animated special attacks to devastate foes! Are you ready to conquer an entire empire with a small force of elite heroes?

Last, but most certainly not least, we have the final showdown in the Rance series with Rance X -Showdown-! With the rise of Kayblis, a powerful fiend who has seized control of the Monster Realm, the fate of the world and all humanity is as stake! Millions lie dead within the first two weeks and mankind struggles to unite until the world’s greatest hero, Rance, arrives to take charge of his women – the leaders of the world’s most powerful nations! Only one species will survive this conflict – monster or man!

This grand war strategy RPG is the perfect fit for the ultimate conclusion to the Rance series! Check on your forces and humanity’s survival as you prepare your troops, fighting armies of fiends with your armies own to help sway the tides in your favor! Then gather your best units from over 200 characters and lead an operation against the Monster Army – defeat the powerful commanders and turn the tides of war! Will you lead humanity to victory, or will they face extinction as the war takes its toll on survivors?!

Rance IX -The Helmanian Revolution- and Rance X -Showdown- will be released separately, only on MangaGamer!

And that’s it for Anime Expo! You can expect even more announcements at our Otakon panel this August!

See you then!

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  1. Thanks for more Rance!

    Although you might consider removing the spoiler about Sil in your Rance IX description.

  2. Very nice! ^_^

  3. Will LuckyDog1 get released on Steam?

  4. Two more Rance games when there are already two awaiting release.
    No Tsuma in sight, no Dorapeko to be found.

    Rancefags pls.

    • The funniest part is that MG has only released one major Rance game and now has 4 pending for release. I expected them to go for a Rance, non-Rance order, but I guess sales and perhaps the survey pushed them this far. It’s still possible for a non-Rance game to be announced at Otakon though.

      As for a possible timeline, it’s hard to say. Rance IX is almost done through translation (and presumably editing), so it’s all on SLC’s hard work. He’s fast enough that I think IX by the end of 2019 is certainly plausible though things change a bit if another AS game is announced and done first.

      As for Rance X, that thing is a monster. The tl isn’t a problem if they start now. Even if they wait half a year or so for any of Alicesoft’s updates and to finish up Rance IX’s tl, they still have at least a few months headstart to translate it. The problem comes with beta testing the game since it’s utterly massive and has a sizable amount of RNG.

  5. Really nice to see more Rance, I just hope you won’t neglect other non-Rance Alicesoft titles. I bought and loved Evenicle and I would love to buy and support Tsumamigui 3 and Pastel Chime 3 if you ever decide to translate it.
    Thank you for being awesome and keep up the good work.

  6. Rance.More Rance!
    Just take my money!!!

  7. Will we ever get Rance 1 to 4? im not really fond of staring a game series somewhere in the middle.

    • So far only Rance 1 was remade. Alicesoft would have to remake 2~4 since they are very very old

    • The old games have fan translations. They happen to be freeware too, so they are legal. I would wait for the remakes when it comes to 1, 2, and 3, but I doubt the 4 remake is coming any time soon.

    • Rance 02 (2010) is the remake of the old Rance II and it’s already fan translated.

  8. More Rance ! Thank you so much, Mangagamer !! *tears of happiness* ;___;

  9. I really hope there’ll be a physical releaese for Luckydog 1! I’d pre-order right away, a limited edition would be welcome too! I just love Luckydog 1, thank you for localizing!!

  10. Excuse me. The shock from the simultaneous release of Rance IX and X knocked me into a coma, from which I just woke up. THANK YOU SO MUCH MANGAGAMER!!!

  11. Can’t wait for Rance Quest! You are awesome MangaGamer!

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