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Today on the blog, we have a translator’s corner from TBAC!

Hi there, I’m TBAC. Most of you probably won’t know me, but I translate stuff! Through a crazy series of events, I ended up on a fan project with Ryechu, and we hit it off due to our love of nukige. When that project had finished, we wanted to move on to bigger things.

So Ryechu and I went to Mangagamer with a mission: to localize porn. Fortunately, Mangagamer liked that idea, and now here we are! The first title we’ve had the pleasure of working on together is the newest Ammolite game to be localized: Sweet Switch ~When Our Eyes Meet, My Body Melts~. We even managed to keep the Ammolite naming them going, even if it was accidental…

As you may have guessed from the title, the heroines in Sweet Switch get turned on when the protagonist looks at them. Of course, as a result, all sorts of sex-crazed antics ensue, the kinds of which are only made possible by the glorious medium that is eroge. Like previous Ammolite titles, there’s nothing too outlandish in terms of fetish material. The primary fetish in this title is exhibitionism, and, even then, it’s on the tamer side. You won’t be having sex in front of an audience in this game, but that doesn’t make the danger of possibly getting caught any less exciting!

No one will ever spot us here

Naturally, since this is a nukige, the heroines are what will either make or break it for you. Sweet Switch offers two options, each with their own ending (and yes, the ending you’re all hoping for, too) and their own particular quirks.

First up, we have Sara Lafarge: a half-Japanese girl, the student council president, beautiful, and with brains big enough to rival the size of her massive tits. She just can’t stop herself from getting excited when people look at her, and it falls on our protagonist to try and cure her through the power of sex!

Secondly, we have Fumino Hirohata: a shy, introverted girl who hides her eyes behind her long bangs. Why does she do this? It’s safe to say that she doesn’t want people looking her in the eye, but I’ll leave the exact reasoning for you to find out when you play the game. Oh, did I mention she also has massive tits?

She hides them well though

Both of our heroines are fully voiced, and full moan tracks are provided for the H-scenes (more on those later!). The two voice actors did a really good job. Sara sounds as commanding and sex-crazed as you would expect, and Fumino is the perfect definition of a shy girl (but just wait until you hear some of her moans when she’s panicked!)

Speaking of the H-scenes, they are wonderfully drawn, and there is quite a variety: from blowjobs to boobjobs to teasing to full-on vaginal sex, all of which take place in public spaces (although, they still managed to fit a bed into one scene…).

This bed, however, is not used for any sexy-times

All in all, we have a short, but content-packed, nukige at an incredibly fair price which is sure to appeal to those of you who’ve enjoyed previous Ammolite titles, those of you who liked the look of previous Ammolite games but wanted something with just a bit more “plot,” and those of you who are just here for pure, unadulterated sex.

Ryechu and I plan to stick around and work on nukige for a while, so if there are any you’d like to see translated (particularly from existing Mangagamer partners), feel free to get in touch with one of us, or with Mangagamer directly! We’d love to hear your suggestions!

Until next time!


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  1. I don’t primarily read nukige, but they’re fun to read once in a while. Thanks for translating them.

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