Today we’re introducing Asirrera, one of the heroines you will encounter in Koropokkur in Love ~A Little Fairy’s Tale~.

Most of us have been told at one point or another in our lives that certain endeavors were beyond our reach or we were reprimanded for clinging to idealistic dreams. Beset by frustration, the instinct to forge ahead despite the obstacles that are placed in one’s path rears its head. In Koropokkur, we face a similar situation. One cannot help but sympathize with Asirrera’s plight and cheer for her time and again following her numerous failures. Rooting for the underdog comes natural to those who have gone through difficult times. We cheer even louder for Asirrera because she does her best to aid Satoru, the owner of Petit Fille, as she comes to terms with her own blooming emotions.

It would be easy condemn Asirrera for being so naïve as she travels to the human world in search of love. Yet, the first step is always the hardest when marching toward uncharted territory. As the rest of her village remains in stasis and bask in the comfortable lives they have cultivated, Asirrera inadvertently becomes a brave pioneer that will shape the course of history. The bustling Akihabara setting—filled with towering buildings and neon signs—would dissuade even the most tempered human from wandering its streets for prolonged periods of time.

The setting also plays a big part in Asirerra’s character development. If she had traveled to a verdurous and isolated place instead of a large city, she might have had an easier time adapting to life in the human world. However, by plunging into the deepest part of a pool, even the most inexperienced swimmer will have to quickly adapt or risk drowning. Akihabara gives Asirrera a plethora of opportunities to interact with people and grow at a faster pace.

A new wind is upon us, and with it comes the promise of love in the human world. Is the red string of fate at work or is it merely the whimsical actions of an idealistic girl? Dive into the colorful world of Akihabara and watch Asirrera’s love come to fruition.

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