Today we’re introducing Cirta, one of the heroines you will encounter in Koropokkur in Love ~A Little Fairy’s Tale~.

Honest to a fault, Cirta proudly proclaims at every opportunity that she loves hunting. Her gung-ho attitude and rambunctious nature lead to comical situations at every turn. When she first meets Satoru, she inadvertently knocks him out with her enhanced strength after he mistakes Cirta for a kidnapper. Cirta isn’t as helpful around Petit Fille as Asirrera or Harunate due to her penchant for breaking things, but in due time she’s able to get the knack for customer service.

Cirta doubts that Asirrera will accomplish her goal, since she always tends to get distracted by other insignificant ventures. Despite her hesitation, though, Cirta tags along with Haruante to support her earnest friend in the human world. Cirta’s eager demeanor allows her to warm up to Satoru relatively quickly, sparking some jealousy in Asirrera’s maiden heart. Eventually, Cirta supports Asirrera’s blooming love and occasionally gives her advice.

Although Asirrera’s wish is to fall in love and become human, Cirta’s only desire is to live in the moment. It may seem like she’s wandering around aimlessly without a care in the world, but it is understandable due to the monotonous nature of her village. She didn’t have to give any thought to the future or her own purpose in life back home. But now, many doors have opened for Cirta after her arrival to the human world. Perhaps working at Petit Fille for some time will help her find the path best suited for her. One can only hope that she, too, will follow in Asirrera’s footsteps and fall in love with someone on her own terms.

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