Koropokkur & Perseverance

Today our translator for Koropokkur in Love takes a brief moment to discuss one of the themes found within this little fairy tale.

Follow through, and don’t give up (again)!

It’s a prevalent theme in a lot of media that comes out of Japan, and there’s no shortage of it in Koropokkur. Each Anime or JRPG or what have you has their own mold or vehicle to deliver this timeless message, but I must say that Koropokkur’s is quite unique.

The Koropokkur girl, Rera, with her own vague mission to accomplish, comes from another world and gets wrapped up with a very ordinary young Japanese man and his struggles in running a maid cafe. Their unlikely relationship, and the new struggles born as a result, have a synergistic yet parasitic effect on their personal goals they had before meeting.

In other words, they both need to follow through and not give up, and it’s hard to say whether that would be better done if they stayed together or ended their interactions altogether. As such, the game progresses steadily, but in a sort of limbo where you’re not sure if either of them are really making the progress they need to.

It’s quite endearing really, and keeps you eagerly wondering if and how things will work out, not to mention any romantic developments!

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