Koropokkur––Now On Sale!

Koropokkur in Love, our very first project as a developer, is now on sale! Grab it on MangaGamer.com or later today on Steam!

East and West unite to develop a heartwarming, comedic visual novel about tiny Ainu fairies trying to find love in the human world.

Featuring Itaru Hinoue, the lead artist for AIR, Kanon, Clannad, and Rewrite, this new title Koropokkur will tell the tale of a young fairy and her journey to become human and fall in love.

Set in modern Akihabara, this heartwarming tale will feature many cute episodes as the heroine helps a young man save his cafe, all while struggling to avoid getting carried away by cats and birds when she accidentally reverts to her normal, miniature size. Will she ever manage to find love? Will she find what she needs to become human? Can she do it before her time runs out?


  • Developer: MangaGamer
  • Platform: Windows 7+, Mac OSX & Linux
  • Language: English & Japanese text
  • Voice: None
  • Content: All-Ages
  • Resolution: 1920×1080

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