Today we’re introducing Haruante, one of the heroines you will encounter in Koropokkur in Love ~A Little Fairy’s Tale~.

Haruante is the oldest of the Koropokkur trio and easily the most knowledgeable of them all. Her strong desire to help her friend Asirrera—and her craving for delicious food—have led her on a journey to the human world.

Haruante had always been curious about the human world, so it probably would only have been a matter of time for her to take the plunge and set forth to the human world. Asirrera’s proclamation to search for love might have been the nudge she needed to explore the human world. Haruante comes off as a little cynical at times when she speaks of humanity after observing them for a long time through the Spring of Clairvoyance. She doesn’t want Asirrera to be taken advantage of or to get hurt so she regularly advises her whenever she can. Haruante quickly finds help for the café upon her arrival at the human world, eager to extricate Asirrera from the burden she has taken on. She goes so far as to petition Satoru to take Asirrera’s place in the café, further showing her devotion to her longtime friend.

Haruante fools around almost to the same degree as Cirta, but knows when to rein it in when the situation warrants it. Her quick thinking saves Satoru’s café from perdition and her keen observations also allow Hatuante to inform Satoru of Asirrera’s feelings for him. Besides playing matchmaker, what other endeavors would Haruante most likely succeed at? Food tester? Marketing guru? The answer is… all of the above. The sky is the limit for Haruante after leaving the confines of her comfortable village. Her talents can truly shine once she’s able to dip her toes in all sorts of colorful settings.

Like Asirrera, Haruante also thrives off other people’s happiness and does her best to accommodate her best friend’s wishes, even at the cost of her own. Hopefully, karma returns the favor since Haruante has done a lot for both Cirta and Asirrera. Dive into the world of Koropokkur and accompany Haruante and her friends on a journey filled with wild antics.

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