If You Love Me, Then Say So! Now Available for Pre-Order!

At long last, Chuablesoft’s If You Love Me, Then Say So! is now available for pre-order! On sale December 13th!

“I love you.”

Three simple words that are always hard to say. When do you confess? Where? How?  Everyone faces this worry, trying to gauge the proper time, but once you’re going steady, how do you keep it that way?

In our first title from Chuablesoft, this choice rests at the heart of the game.

Winner of the 2015 Moege Award for top game design, If You Love Me, Then Say So! features an innovative event system with enormous freedom to choose how you spend your time—and when to take the plunge with the girl of your dreams. Is it better to confess early? To wait and see? Countless branching paths wait for you to make that agonizing decision.

Under the tree in the garden behind the school, I confessed my love to ‘Her’…

My up-to-then ordinary school life took a turn after a chance encounter with QP, a fairy that was born from an apple. I met Ayame, the air-headed rich girl, my relationship with my childhood friend Yuki has changed, and my ex-girlfriend Mahiru showed up in my life again.

One budding relationship blooms after the next, and then…

‘She’ blushes as she responds.

…After the longest seconds of my life pass,

What will her answer be?


  • Developer: Chuablesoft
  • Platform: Windows 7 and newer
  • Language: English text
  • Voice: Japanese (except MC)
  • Content: Adult, uncensored
  • Resolution: 1280×720

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  1. Will be pre-ordering as soon as i get paid. This is something i can support a mosaic free VN, It’s great to see Manga gamer doing the extra effort unlike certain cheap ass VN publisher like Sekai project who could care less what fans want and just want a quick buck. Keep up the good work Manga gamer as long as the games are Mosaic free I’ll be buying them day1.

  2. It’s not on the level of koku’s art but don’t let the impossible-to-please tell you these are bad decensors. This is absolutely preferable to mosaics. (That said, I’m always up for the option like Evenicle had patched in. Player choice is never bad… even if said choice is wrong. It’s their prerogative.)

    It’s finally happening. This one’s been a long time coming. No major November release for MG? I’m surprised the usual preorder period wasn’t shortened to get this out by the end of the month.

    • Eh, I’ve read so many VN’s now that mosaics don’t even bother me. I actually prefer them to their decensored state most of the time, since they don’t really add much of value to me, especially in VN’s such as this one where the H appears very late.

      Unless the artist had the censored parts drawn himself, I don’t really think it’s worth the extra wait to construct it from scratch.

      • Nice excuse for supporting censored VN you must be so glad with sony new censorship policy towards Japanese VN creators, cause now you can support censorship on mass even with just showing skin cause you’ll be able to add everything that got censored with your Imagination.Gotta love your excuse using the creator as an excuse while the creator never meant for this to be censored but had to do so by law not by his own norm.

        Your crappy reason will make this will become a standard.

        • Damn son, good job with taking what I said and sending it completely out into orbit. Literally nowhere did I say that censoring normal CG’s is a good thing. What Sony is doing has nothing to do with what I said. I’m strictly talking about H-scenes, nothing else.

          Also, I’m speaking from a standpoint of efficiency. No, the creator didn’t mean for it being censored, and yes, he is only doing it because of the laws. But due to that fact, many artists tend to not draw the genitalia fully, which is what I’m referring to.

          • If we make a de-censoring a standard that would mean Japanese devs would keep the uncensored image for sake of western publishing. People just don’t seem to understand things in the long run so they buy like a bunch of morons.

            Actually censorship in any form is the same cause eventually the moment you buy something censored it shows that it doesn’t matter what they do to the content cause you’ll still buy it so a publisher would be like why bother making a complete product when they’ll buy a broken one, This is seriously how DLC became a thing, people accepted it as a norm and now all games are sold incomplete.

            Censorship is nothing more than a Trickle down effect.Also this article makes you wonder if even Japanese publishers can’t turn the tide on their stupid law for censorship.

  3. Hell yes. I have been waiting for this since announcement. My Christmas comes early on the 13th. Thank you Mangagamer

  4. An emphatic yes. I’ve been waiting for this VN so much. I’m really really happy.

  5. Hope you guys release some sort of walk through for this.. The one on seiya saiga keeps kinda complicated

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