Bokuten OST & Vocal Collection – On Sale Now!

The Bokuten Vocal Album and OST Collection is now available for purchase on our website! Includes 14 songs by CaS, the featured musical group from Bokuten – Why I Became An Angel, as well as 6 off-vocal and 35 OST tracks!

Steam customers can purchase the Bokuten Vocal Album and OST collection DLC pack later today!

Check out our YouTube channel for an 8:45 preview video of the OST & Vocal Collection!

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OVERDRIVE’s first animated concert OVA, KICK START GENERATION, is now available for purchase on!

Included in the KICK START GENERATION release, customers may also enjoy the 10 OVA and bonus tracks in lossless FLAC and MP3 quality!

Steam customers will have the option to purchase the KICK START GENERATION + Album DLC later today!

Check out our YouTube channel for a short preview of the Kick Start Generation PV!

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Bokuten – Why I Became An Angel — On Sale Now!

At long last, Bokuten – Why I Became an Angel is now available on! If you didn’t get a chance to pre-order your copy, then be sure to take advantage of the 10% launch discount on our store!

Steam customers can expect to see the same discount on the all-ages version of Bokuten – Why I Became An Angel during launch week, and will also have the option to download the free adult content patch directly from our website!

But wait, there’s MORE!

Remember those two special DLC packs we mentioned? Well, get ready for even more OVERDRIVE goodness, as both the Bokuten Vocal Album and OST Collection, as well as OVERDRIVE’s first animated concert, KICK START GENERATION, will be launching right now on our website!

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Naughty & Nice Bundles!

Since so many of you enjoyed our Valentine’s Bundle earlier this year, we wanted to end 2019 with a bang with two unique bundles: our Naughty and Nice VN bundle packs!

Starting right now, you can get seven amazing visual novels in each Naughty (18+) or Nice (all-ages) Bundle pack for $39.95―that’s a $400 value for both bundles!

Sale ends December 26th, so act fast before this incredible deal disappears!

Our Nice Bundle pack includes: Higurashi When They Cry Ch. 1-4, Umineko When They Cry Question Arc, Himawari – The Sunflower, OZMAFIA!!, The Shadows of Pygmalion, The Kiss For The Petals -Remembering How We Met-, and Space Live!

Our Naughty Bundle pack includes: Beat Blades Haruka, Imouto Paradise 1, Eroge! Sex & Games Make Sexy Games!, Kuroinu Ch. 1, Boob Wars, Please Bang My Wife, and Free Friends 1!