Trinoline Tester’s Corner Vol. 3

Today on the blog, we have a Trinoline tester’s corner from Paragonias!

Another minori title has graced our lineup and it is… Trinoline!

Trinoline follows the story of Nanami Shun, a high-schooler whose little sister Shirone drowned at a young age; an event which has scarred him deeply for years. One summer day at school, he can hear someone playing a nostalgic melody on a piano. Looking inside the music room he sees a girl, who looks like a matured version of his long-gone little sister, but SHIRONE is TRINO, a cutting-edge Android…

Trinoline is a minori game like none I’ve ever played before, most likely due to the fact it was written by a different writer this time; and to be quite honest I didn’t know how I was supposed to feel about this game at first. It really feels different from games like eden*, ef, or even Supipara.

The good thing is: I really started enjoying it after just a short while. The visuals are, as always, stunning, the music is great, the characters are cute, and the story really captivated me after getting through about a quarter of the common route.

Of course, since this a minori game after all, feels were had. Happy feels, frustrating feels, sad feels, all the feels.

Minori really surprised me with this one, as I’m more used to their older style of doing things and, to be honest, I do like this new style as well. I definitely could get used to them alternating between this style and the old one. At least, I hope they do. I need more minori in my life. There’s just never enough minori.

Also, while we’re at it, may I introduce you to the best girl in Trinoline: Yuuri Miyakaze!

I want Yuuri to hug me to sleep.

Beta testing Trinoline was a lot of fun, both playing the actual game and discussing it with the other testers. I do believe I speak for everyone who worked on this beta test, that we had a blast making sure you get the best experience “humanly” possible.

On that note, see you next time!

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