Payment Processor Issues

You may be aware that our website has been unable to process payments since late last night. Our team has been working to try and remedy this issue, but it may take some time to resolve.

Purchases on our website will be temporarily disabled while we work with our management team to resolve this problem and find a new payment processor. Should our website need to go down for maintenance, we will notify you all as soon as possible. We will provide updates on when our website can resume accepting payments and/or we have a temporary workaround in place.

In the meantime, why not check out the Steam Summer Sale? A vast majority of our catalog is currently discounted for the event. You can find the list of discounts here.

We sincerely hope to resume service for our loyal customers as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  1. I feel like suggesting steam where most VNs are missing any and all adult content, is a poor work around. Summer sale or not.

  2. if you repairing your payment processors can you return the option to pay with american express

  3. still down ?

  4. Still doesnt work to pay using VISA card…

  5. Are you going to extend the sale on your site. I know you have the steam options for many games, but I’d still prefer to buy them here in full adult format and not have to hunt around for patches, once you have a payment processor that is.

  6. Will the MG store sale be available after the issue is fixed? I dont use steam and I have at least 2 titles I wanted to purchase from the store front.

  7. Did they blacklist you? There really needs to be a alternative to these monopolistic processors

  8. Hope you extend the sale on the site once you get the payment processor issue fixed or worked around. Bit of a pain sometimes to go and hunt around for patches for steam versions, I’m not sure all titles have that and always the lingering doubt in my mind that steam might get heavier handed in future and titles get yanked, so I prefer to buy here.

  9. That’s a shame I was going to pick up a couple of releases I looked over in the past but I won’t touch Steam.
    Ah well will go take a look on JAST or others to see what I have missed from their collection.

  10. I hope that the payment issue gets fixed soon now that anime expo is over, been waiting to buy two games for the past 7 days lol

  11. Like others here, I’ve been waiting a couple days so that I can buy games from you all. I hope you can resolve the problem soon!

  12. Dang, is it still down?

  13. As far as I can tell they got hit with issues cause of promo pictures showing genitalia. If you look at those now they have blockers which they didn’t have before the issue. I hope they can get this cleared up soon cause I want this site to stay up.

  14. Problem seems to be rather severe if it still isn’t fixed. 😐
    I wonder if there was another big scam incident.

  15. Like others have said, I hope this gets resolved soon. I dislike seeing her with an unhappy expression.

  16. Any update on how long payments will be down?

  17. Need to buy Kuroinu 1-3, im dying inside if this continues.

  18. This Payment Issue is know since more then 1 Month.
    Where is the Problem, if i may ask? I wanted to buy for the first Time 2 or 3 Visual Novels for August after i finish Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai, but then i couldnt pay and saw the Payment Issues, know i have bought 2 of the Games by Denpasoft, but some Title can only be bought here on Mangagamer, i hope the Problem get fixed soon.

  19. Dude, it has been nearly six weeks since you started having payment processor issues. What is going on? When the hell are people going to be able to purchase anything from your website?

  20. it looks like a lot of games are missing from your site. Is this part of the fix for the payment processor?

    • This is part of the fix for the payment processor. It’s incomplete, hence why some games are missing.

      • And that’s only for games +18 content only. Does that mean that old ‘payment processor’ simply refused to process selling of adult games anymore?

        • Given this was so sudden and the issue has been ongoing for well over a month, I suspect it had to do with the eroge content and perhaps a violation of the terms of use.

          Manga Gamer was initially just censoring the store pages of all the 18+ games, but now they seem to be outright removing them.

      • Hopefully that means the games will return at some point… The ones I wanted to buy had 18+ content…

  21. I was really looking forward to picking up the Innocent Grey games… Hopefully the entire catalogue will be restored and the 18+ VN’s aren’t gone forever.

  22. I really hope all the games that were removed will be restored once this payment processor fiasco has been resolved.

    • The games weren’t removed, they split the site into adult and all ages. So 18+ stuff like Innoncent Grey aren’t on the page you get if you just go to their store, you need to click on the adult box on the right to see those games.

      They had to do this way back, and it didn’t do well for them. Most people were to lazy/blind to get to the 18+ section. But if this is what the new processor is demanding then I guess there’s no choice.

      • Thanks! That’s a relief. I’ll be honest. The “adult section” button should be a bit more noticeable. I had to look really hard to find it. Hopefully they can placate the payment processor folks and get things back up and running.

  23. This whole thing starting to get me a bit worried. While I don’t know the financial situation of MangaGamer, I can imagine this must be a considrable lost of income. I hope this will not cause problems or delays for future publications. I wonder if they could use other platforms (Steam, GOG, and so on) to at least launch the latest titles?
    Anyway – I hope this situation will be resolved soon.

    • Manga Gamer has been in business for over a decade, so I suspect they aren’t doing too bad right now. However, it could become an issue depending on how long this payment processor issue continues.

      The problem with a lot of these titles is they have 18+ content. GOG does not tolerate adult games on their store and Steam is a gamble (they allow some but deny others).

      Really, the only option is to fix this payment processor issue. I can’t imagine them just allowing this to go on for months. Especially since they have so many new games in development that they are translating, they definitely have to be working to get this resolved as soon as possible.

      • You are wrong about Steam. Policy of game releases has changed. Now developers can release whatever they want on Steam (18+ is okay).

        • No steam have been shown to be inconsistent with that policy, certain subjects of adult games that are ok on Manga gamer would be denied and it even varies according to the staff member at steam reviewing games. They are still a gamble .

  24. I just noticed that 18+ titles like Princess Evangile and eden* were replaced with the all-ages version on MangaGamer’s site…

    • not really just search eden and u find the adult if not try to access adult site(which what they have actually implemented) basically when u go into the store most adults game isnt available only one yuri lol but if you click adult content bar you i think you also should see eden+moasic something

    • Actually, the 18+ versions are still there. Manga Gamer divided the site between “all ages” and “adult.” If you look to the right side of the main page below “Your Account” and above “Affiliate Program,” you’ll see the “Access the Adult Section.”

  25. did you check that you are on the adult side? they have separated the site that all ages is what u see first but if click to get acess to adult thingy u see all games

  26. Still no news? I was looking forward to “Farther Than the Blue Sky”, but it won’t be released until the payment problems are solved. I do not want to look impatient, but it has taken more than two months now. Is it really that problematic?

    • Manga Gamer has been revamping the entire website because of the payment processor fiasco. Given that they’ve separated the adult site from the all ages one and have censored all the images with nudity, hopefully they’ll be up and running soon. I’ve been wanting to purchase a few VN’s myself and this situation has made that impossible.

  27. Their twitter account says the release of “Farther than the Blue Sky” and “Rance” will be delayed till 19. September. I hope it indicates they found a new payment processor to this date….

    • I doubt it. The tweet states they have yet to reach a settlement, which means they are trying to work out the issues they have with the current payment processor. That September 19 is just a tentative date. It’s quite possible they may have to push things back further. Hopefully that won’t happen.

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