More minori on Steam!

In case you missed it, we alluded to some special minori news last month, and now it’s time for the big reveal…!

Although minori has closed its doors and ceased production on future game development in Japan, that hasn’t stopped their team and president from working with us behind the scenes to breathe new life into some of their older titles… like ef – a fairy tale of the two!

With that said, the all-ages version of ef – the first tale and ef – the latter tale are coming to Steam on October 17th, 2019! Steam customers can download the FREE and optional adult content patch in our “Free Downloads” section at launch, and get 15% off each title on launch day!

Customers who wish to purchase the adult version of ef – the first tale and ef – the latter tale on our website can also enjoy a 15% off discount on both titles in celebration of the Steam release!

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…But wait, there’s more!

If you’re already familiar with ef – a fairy tale of the two and you like 2D platformers, then we’ve got something for you!


We’ll be launching minori’s cute 2D sidescrolling platformer: KILLJOY Hunter Yuuko on Steam for $2.99 on October 17th!

In KILLJOY Hunter Yuuko, you must use your Cheekama Blade to restore peace to Otowa following the events of ef – the latter tale! Defeat the KILLJOYs, the jealous monsters who force nightmares upon happy couples, and face-off against the heroines from ef – a fairy tale of the two in a one-on-one fight!

Dodge Miyako’s cellphone waves, Kei’s fiery basketballs, Chihiro’s laser beams, and Mizuki’s ice cream attacks in order to face the final boss…!

KILLJOY Hunter Yuuko includes controller support and three difficulty levels!

That’s all we can share for now, but there’s certainly more minori goodness coming down the pipeline! πŸ˜‰

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  1. Any chance of GOG release too?

  2. Supipara?

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