Maggot baits – Content Advisory

The content within Maggot baits is probably the most extreme of any visual novel we have ever licensed. We want to ensure as many people enjoy the game as possible and on their own terms, without being blindsided by any potentially distressing content.

The translator behind Maggot baits, Kouryuu, has composed a list of what you can expect to see. It goes without saying that this post will contain spoilers.

Maggot baits is driven by antagonists conducting extreme, vile, and reprehensible acts in a systematic manner for the express purpose of fulfilling their greater goal. In addition, those working for the antagonists often commit random atrocities for their own self-satisfaction. These depictions are meant not for private enjoyment, but to further the themes of the work which include an examination of the basest nature of humanity as driven by its vilest selfish urges such as hatred, lust, and conquest.

Much of said content, by its nature, is intentionally disturbing, so it is our hope that none partake of this title without being properly informed. To that extent, we would like to provide our disclaimer and content advisory for this title below for everyone to read.

Maggot baits contains graphic depictions of extreme sex acts which may cause users to feel ill. This product does not, in any way, endorse or confirm criminal acts or violations of human rights. Use of Maggot baits is restricted to individuals capable of behaving with good sense and responsibility in all circumstances. Reader discretion is mandatory.

Please be advised that this work contains graphic depictions of extreme content such as:

  • Profanity
  • Gambling
  • Religious References such as:
    • Christian Relics
    • Bible Verses
    • Satanism and Demonology
    • The Inquisition and Witch Hunts
    • Church Hymns
    • Descriptions of the Crucifixion of Christ
  • Drug Use such as:
    • Liberal application of mystical aphrodisiacs
    • Doping (steroids, etc.)
    • Alcohol
    • Cigarettes
    • Marijuana
    • Illegal, recreational substances (speed, etc.)
  • Graphic depictions of violence, torture, and murder such as:
    • Use of torture devices such as the iron maiden, pear of anguish, phalaris bull, hot iron brands, etc.
    • Putting cigarettes out on genitals (text)
    • Skewering people on blades (text)
    • Cannibalism, and forced cannibalism, getting eaten alive
    • Use of knives, pistols, semi-automatics, assault rifles, sniper rifles, anti-tank rifles, SAMs, rocket launchers, martial arts, swords, spears, tactical pens, grenades, explosives, etc.
    • Brain scrambling
  • Dismemberment
    • Severed limbs
    • Beheadings
  • Graphic depictions of sexual assault, and rape such as:
    • Depictions featuring Female on Male, Monster on Female, and Male on Female pairings with various numbers of participants on both sides
    • Tentacles traversing the entire digestive system
    • Forced impregnation
    • Forced abortion
    • Pedophilia
    • Genital contact with fetuses
    • Threats of necrophilia
  • Forced Body Modification such as:
    • Implantation of additional penises
    • Replacing human limbs with animal limbs
    • Ear tagging
  • Sounding
  • Death and Resurrection of Supernatural Humanoids during Sexual Assault and Torture.
  • Animals and Monsters Violating Supernatural Humanoids
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  1. Still waiting my steam version :PPP

  2. This title might be too high of a power level for me, but I can’t say I’m not at least a little bit morbidly curious with a content advisory like that. I probably won’t buy on release date because low on money, but I’ll probably buy down the line. I liked Euphoria, so I might find some things to like in this title too even if there are going to be certain places where I bang the ctrl key.

  3. Everything is good! Game doesnt contain any fart jokes, so worst case scenario was avoided =)
    Definitely buying this for research purposes ^o^

  4. Péter Szilágyi

    Honestly, most of these are in other works, such as Chaos;Child, Chaos;Head, Animamundi, Saya no Uta. But yeah, the “Implantation of additional penises” is new to me…

  5. Glad Mangagamer put out this advisory with an extensive list of what to expect. It’s been mentioned multiple times how this one can get very extreme; MG saying how their testers had prepared barfbags ready in case. Nice to see the appropriate precautions being taken.

  6. Oh god, I’m so curious! I absolutely must try it.

  7. I’ve chuckled at *Implantation of additional penises* a little.

    Either way , I’ve waited for sooooooooooo long for this title to be released so it was insta buy for me.

  8. This game is mine.

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