Trapped on Monster Island — On Sale Now!

Trapped on Monster Island from Kagura Games is now available on! Get 10% off when you purchase your copy during launch week!

Forced to work on a passenger ship as a servant, Eris finds herself praying for a way out of her situation…

A slave girl who is forced to work on a passenger ship as a servant by her cruel master. Due to her lowly status, Eris has to suffer constant abuse and cruelty from both the passengers and the crew, who see her as little more than property. And with her master paying no mind to her sufferings, Eris has no choice but to endure the hardship while secretly praying for a way out of her situation.

On one fateful day, Eris finally finds her prayers being answered. The ship is unexpectedly struck by a powerful storm, causing it capsize. The next thing she knows, she awakes on a mysterious island, with her seemingly being the sole survivor, ending the torment her has been suffering for days.

However, the results are not exactly what she bargained for. What brought her here, and for what purpose? Eris must begin exploring the island to find out.


  • Language: English text
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Genre: Doujin
  • Uncensored
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