Lisa and the Grimoire — On Sale Now!

Lisa and the Grimoire from Kagura Games is now available for purchase on! Save 10% on your copy during launch week!

What drives people to become treasure hunters?

Some would say it’s a thrilling sense of adventure. Some, but certainly not Lisa Elpaire. Her sole motivation was simple: to strike it rich and not have to work another day for the rest of her life. Struggling to make ends meet, however, she soon found out that fulfilling this goal wasn’t going to be as easy as she had hoped it would be.

Until, one day, she gets a lead on the biggest score of her treasure-hunting career yet. A demon temple, brimming with riches and offerings just waiting to be taken – an opportunity too good for any self-respecting loafer to pass up.

And so, map in hand, Lisa embarks on her final adventure, one that could at long last make the life of leisure of her dreams into a reality!

Features & Specs

  • Publisher: Kagura Games
  • Content: Adult, uncensored
  • Voice: None
  • Genre: Fantasy, RPG
  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
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