A Look Back At 2020 and the 2021 Licensing Survey Begins!

What can even be said about 2020 that hasn’t already been said? It’s been a tough year for everyone. We could probably count ourselves somewhat lucky that the overwhelming majority of our staff work remotely to begin with, so with the notable exception of conventions, we’ve been able to continue work about as normally as could be expected under the circumstances. Despite everything, we still had fourteen first-party releases this year, including Rance 01+02, Higurashi Ch.8––finishing off the Answer Arc, Imouto Paradise 3, Fxxx Me Royally!, and Room No. 9 just to name a few.

But, without further ado, what you’re really here for––the top 10s for 2020:

First Party Titles (MangaGamer.com)

  1. Rance 01+02
  2. Imouto Paradise 3
  3. Sengoku Rance
  4. Beat Angel Escalayer R
  5. euphoria
  6. Maggot baits
  7. Rance VI+5D
  8. Magic & Slash
  9. EROGE!
  10. Sakuranomori Dreamers

Third Party Titles (MangaGamer.com)

  1. Making*Lovers
  2. Brave Alchemist Colette
  3. IxSHE Tell
  5. Summer Memories
  6. The Fruit of Grisaia
  7. Princesses Never Lose!
  8. Riddle Joker
  9. Mira and the Mysteries of Alchemy
  10. Divine Miko Koyori

Steam Titles

  1. Higurashi When They Cry Series
  2. Umineko When they Cry Series
  3. Evenicle
  4. Go Go Nippon! Series
  5. The House in Fata Morgana
  6. The Expression Amrilato
  7. eden*
  8. The House in Fata Morgana – A Requiem for Innocence
  9. Umineko: Golden Fantasia
  10. A Kiss for the Petals – Remembering How We Met
  11. Kindred Spirits on the Roof
  13. Steam Prison
  14. Funbag Fantasy
  15. Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome

And with that out of the way, it’s time to launch our 2021 Licensing Survey! Just fill out the form by March 15th and include your email for a chance to win any title of your choice from our 2020 releases!

We here at MangaGamer hope that 2021 treats you all better than 2020 did, and that maybe one of our games might give you a bit of respite in these difficult times that we live in. Stay safe, we’re looking forward to when we can see you all again at conventions!

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  1. I wish funbag franchise sold more sad stuff.

  2. kawaiifrenchtoast

    Made it a tradition to vote for UTM each year, ww Not that it will ever. Sugar Beans probably disband years ago, hehehe…

  3. It is wild that EROGE! is on the bestsellers list seven years after release.

  4. I am amazed that Magic and Slash sold well at all. Considering how the rest of the list is basically just the same three companies, it stands out for being essentially a doujin level game that somehow beat out other new releases.

    Sadly, the otome game didn’t seem to do that well, and only one release in the list isn’t an RPG or nukige. At least Nekonyan’s moege’s are doing well.


  6. Please license more fantasy genre titles like
    Love x Holic ~Miwaku no Otome to Hakudaku Kankei~
    Mama x Holic ~Miwaku no Mama to Ama Ama Kankei~
    It is also a must to license more titles with kitsune heroines.

  7. Thanks for making higurashi, Umineko and Morgana a thing in the West. Keep up the good work, guys

  8. some 100% NTR game would not be bad (not netorase)

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