[License Announcement] Christmas Tina: Ephemeral Views of Winter

It’s time to reveal our first license acquisition of 2021 and it’s Secret Project #9: Christmas Tina: Ephemeral Views of Winter from NekoDay!

Kanna is a first-year high school student who’s involved in a traffic accident during the summer. She finds herself unable to stay in her hometown any longer.

Jing fails his university entrance exams in China. He spends a year or so working at a job he doesn’t like.

Both of them hear of the incredible opportunities presenting themselves in the bubble economy of Tokyo. Therefore, Kanna drops out of high school and goes to Tokyo. Jing quits his job and goes to Japan. The job both of them set their eyes on would have them simply living in an old, run-down train station.

Although the job only pays a measly 400 yen per hour, it runs for 24 hours a day, so it really isn’t that bad. They wouldn’t have to pay rent, heating, or electricity.

Kanna is a bit awkward around people, and Jing doesn’t speak Japanese. The employer only wants one person. Neither wants to give up on this job, so Sakura, the woman in charge of hiring them, recommends that they simply do it together.

Features & Specs

  • Title: Christmas Tina: Ephemeral Views of Winter
  • Developer: NekoDay
  • Rating: All-Ages
  • Voice: Fully-voiced
  • Genre: Slice of Life, historical
  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
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  1. Cute art style… I like it. I’m not at all familiar with NekoDay but looking forward to it. Very cool license.

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  3. This synopsis is up my alley. Will be keeping my eye on this.

  4. Very cool, I’ve come across this game on steam already. It looks like a chinese production but has japanese language support. I wonder will it be translated from japanese or chinese.

    I think it’d be neat if more chinese games would enter the western market with a proper translation, so many automatic translations (allegedly) on steam.

  5. Hope it gets released on Steam. 🙂

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