MUSICUS! — On Sale April 8th!

From the creators of Kira Kira, Cho Dengeki Stryker, Deardrops, and Bokuten – Why I Became an Angel comes MUSICUS!, OVERDRIVE’s swan song!

MUSICUS! will launch on and Steam on April 8th! Pre-order now on to save 10%!

Protagonist, Kei Tsushima, a student on the fast track to university, dropped out under sudden circumstances. While not as smooth as originally planned, he is now at part-time night school to continue his efforts to become a doctor like his father and fulfill his family’s expectations. But recently he is less trusting of his mandated course: “Is this what’s best for me?”

The various people he meets from all walks of life in his new class environment help broaden his perspective and give him a glimpse of the things he is still unaware of in this world.

“…Can I really go back after this?”

“Do I actually want to be a doctor?”

“Was that the purpose for me, Kei Tsushima, being brought into this life?”

After submitting a short story to a city writing contest on a whim, he soon received a request from the head of a music production company, Yagihara, to write about a certain band on the company’s label, under the condition that he travel with them to one of their live performances. The band in question was Kacho-Fugetsu, who were signed to a major commercial label.

Korekiyo Hanai, the leader of the band, is a peculiar man, who for some reason professes the meaninglessness of music to Kei on the way to the show. While at a loss for how to interpret that, Kei sees his first live rock show with Kacho-Fugetsu, and he is instantaneously swept up in the music.

Several days later, with the deep impression the show made still coursing through him, Kei receives news that Kacho-Fugetsu is disbanding. Kei cannot accept such news lightly and meets Hanai in person to persuade him to continue his craft, but his words ultimately fall on deaf ears. They begin meeting regularly as friends, with Hanai eventually saying to the persistent Kei:

“Kei-kun, why don’t you play rock in my place?”

Features & Specs

  • OS: Windows
  • Content: Adult, uncensored
  • Resolution: 1280×720
  • Voice: Fully-voiced (except MC)

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  2. Best game ever for me

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