Innocent Grey Sale!

If you need something spooky to read, then we’ve got you covered!

Get up to 50% off Cartagra, Kara no Shojo, and Kara no Shojo: The Second Episode until November 1st!

Cartagra: Affliction of the Soul $34.95 $17.48 (-50%) MG
Kara no Shojo $34.99 $17.50 (-50%) MG | Steam
Kara no Shojo: The Second Episode $39.95 $29.96 (-25%) MG
Innocent Grey Bundle $59.95 $29.98 (-50%) MG

The Innocent Grey bundle includes Cartagra and Kara no Shojo!

If you experience any issues completing checkout or installing your game(s), please send an email to We would recommend including your order number(s) and any system information to expedite this process.

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