Introducing Erovoice’s Morinaga Seika!

Today we’re introducing Morniaga Seika, one of Cuckoo Clock’s most veteran voice actresses in Erovoice!

Despite her contrary appearance, Seika is in her late twenties, going on thirty, and she has the long list of roles to prove it. She’s rather tsuntsun and overbearing from the start, but she does warm up a bit once you’ve proven you’re not dead weight to the agency. She takes great pride in her work, and expects a similar degree of professionalism from those she works with even as she helps them improve. Of course, as her manager that also means she expects to you be ready to assist her with all her needs, from getting the specific, proper throat lozenges that help medicate and prevent sore throats, to fixing the perfect cup of water, or dashing out to get food and bring it back warm before lunch is over.

Her long career means she has already has plenty of name recognition as well as connections within the industry, so securing work isn’t a major problem for her. Instead, the major issue we get to explore through her route is that of typecasting. For reasons obvious to those who have seen and heard her, she’s frequently typecast to play loli characters. On the positive side of this, there’s hardly any game featuring loli characters that doesn’t employ her under her stage name of Ezaki Kokuriko, but the downside is that she rarely plays any other roles, despite being perfectly capable of doing so. In addition, through Seika we also get to see a glimpse of why some voice actresses choose to adopt different stage names when performing for adult products. 

With Seika we also get to see the return of Aizawa Lemon from Eroge, and have a chance to see how hard the voice acting career can be, even for veterans, when they don’t have the support and backup of an agency. Lemon is currently freelance, so that means she has to compete with all the agency actresses entirely on her own. Marketing herself, securing her own work, managing her own schedule – it’s a lot to do, and she only barely gets by thanks to old connections. You might be tempted to help her… but doing so is a honey trap.

When it comes to Seika’s erotic scenes within Erovoice, you should be prepared for some contempt. She’s only helping you relieve yourself so you can stop being horny and do your job right, after all. At least that’s what she’ll claim at first. Though if you’re a fan of such a domineering, legal loli then you’ll be in for a real treat from start to finish. There will also be a good number of scenes where you get to enjoy out of character role play with her, and maybe even more if you play your cards right.

Seika’s actual voice actress, Miru, is also a veteran of the industry with over 500 titles to her name since she began in 1999. Many English fans may recognize her voice from roles like Koihime Musou’s Jun’iku, Ruri in Beat Blades Haruka, and Constancia in Funbag Fantasy 3 if.

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