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The Alchemist of Ars Magna from NineTails and Medibang is now available on the MangaGamer store! Save 20% during launch week!


Once upon a time, the founder of alchemy led people from a dying world to a new land.
In this fertile and harmonious land where man-made “Gods of Creation” act as guardians, humans lead a peaceful existence.

However, a long time has since passed, and the “Dust” of death began to engulf Arcaus.
Gods gone mad to become heinous “Gods of Misfortune” and begin to devour the world, and ash demons born of dust bare their fangs at the living.
Like burnt pieces of paper and worm-eaten clothes, the world finds itself in an era where the earth was being eroded by the ashes.

The people were not entirely unprepared, however.
Alchemists who wished to carry on the miracles brought upon by its founder gather at the Cagliostro Academy, a college boasting the highest levels of wisdom.

Among them is another—a young alchemist who knocks on the doors of the academy with aspirations in mind.


●An RPG set in an academy for alchemists
Oblivion is a natural disaster that is set to destroy the world.
The protagonist enters the Cagliostro Academy to learn and master the art of combat. And in a college where many alchemists gather, the protagonist of the story accumulates experience through research, study, and love. This is a story of an alchemist who carves out his own path, growing through his encounters and experiences.

●The world’s guardians, “Gods”, and the “Dust” that threaten them.
The world is controlled by a number of man-made gods. However, the “Dust,” an entity that calls for destruction, not only turns everything in its path into dust, but also contaminates the gods, turning them heinous. With this, alchemists are forced to deal with former gods that have now been turned into guiding forces of misfortune.

●Make a pact with the great Origin and save the world!
The Origin are five gods of varying attributes who serve as the pinnacle of all gods. In order to officially enter into a binding contract, one must undergo sexual negotiations… In other words, sex is required. Overcome the harsh trials set forth by the gods, have sex with them to seal the contract, and obtain the “Primordial Element” that will save the world.

●Equip this and become stronger. Crests are a testament of your contract with the gods
You can obtain a crest or crystals that contain the power of the gods by making a contract with them.
Crests can be equipped with personal weapons known as ether gear. This gives the alchemists additional blessings of various skills.
As you explore Arcaus, you can build trusting relationships with various gods to help your allies get stronger.

●The Philosopher’s Stone and corruption from the dust will determine your fate.
With the Philosopher’s Stone in his body, the protagonist is able to convert dust and ash into energy. However, the more he uses his powers, the more contamination accumulates in his body. And if left unchecked, the contamination will eventually become a disaster that could change the fate of the protagonist. Fortunately, the contamination can be removed via sexual intercourse with the heroine, but the contamination that is discharged also has the effect of increasing dependence and desire as well as bestowing vitality to the person who takes it in. You can either choose to walk the righteous path with the heroine or fall into the path of wickedness by indulging yourself in lust and contamination.

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