Girls! Girls! Girls!? from Myosuki –– Now Available for Pre-order!

Girls! Girls! Girls!? from Myosuki is now available for pre-order on the MangaGamer store! Save 10% if you buy it before it releases on 4/19 or during launch week!

Akihabara. The promised land of the otakus. A city known for its state-of-the-art technology, fashion, niche storefronts, and some of the most beautiful boys in skirts you will ever lay your eyes upon. Step into Girls! Girls! Girls!? Café and charm your way into the heart of one of four lovely “ladies…” Or take a chance and charm all four! As the newly appointed manager, get to know the people you serve by: handling unruly customers, generating online buzz for your café, and cowering before a menacing owner. Go on dates, throw parties, and try to stay out of trouble in this story full of fluff, romance, and the cutest crossdressers that will have you coming back for seconds!

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