Dark Elf Historia is Now Available on MangaGamer!

Dark Elf Historia from ONEONE1 and Shirvune is now available on MangaGamer! Save 20% during launch week!

Our story starts when peace has finally taken hold of the world after the war. The former mercenary and dark elf Fornelia, battle-worn and looking for a place to die, saves a young man named Ruse from a monster attack.

☆Featuring two major branching paths!
You can take either of two distinctly different routes through the game, depending on the way you play.
Follows Fornelia’s life together with Ruse and her struggles to help him grow into a good man.
*You can make it to the end of this route a virgin.
Failing a certain job will send you down this path.
After becoming a criminal and suffering numerous humiliations, Fornelia is released and deployed to do the country’s dirty work, all for the sake of her reunion with Ruse…

A Plethora of Partners for Her First Time
Her first time can be with humans or monsters.
Whether it’s in a pure and lovey-dovey way or by force, with beings of a different species or as a sacrifice to save someone important, there are tons of ways for her to lose her virginity. Or not—she can make it to the end with her maidenhood intact!

A Branching Story With Seven Different Endings
Will you make through the normal “pure love route” with her virginity still in one piece?
Or will you wind up going down the “criminal route” where she becomes a felon for the one she loves and is turned into a cum dumpster?

*Some dungeons and events will not appear depending on the organization she joins like the Rand City Guild (pure love route) or Guiltea’s Guild (criminal route).

Developer: ONEONE1
Publisher: Shiravune
Rating: Adult only, w/ Mosaics

Pick it up during launch week to save 20%!

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